Jul 24, 2010


"Darling, we are growing old. Silver threads among the gold..."

Why my mother sang that to me when I was a child, I was never sure until now. Maybe it was to hip me to the fact that life is ever moving, ever changing, and it's happening right now, baby! Heaven knows I need occasional reminders, because even when you think you're really in the thick of it, sometimes you're just not. And while it can be jarring, it can also be extraordinarily pleasing.

I don't remember the moment I realized Linda Evans was in our family to stay, that my only and older brother had brought a bride into the inner circle of what I considered Candyland. To paraphrase Shakespeare, I only know as I told her today, "I couldn't have done better if I'd picked you myself."

Then... circa 70s, already some time after the fact --

... and now as seen below. A fine wine Linda is showing off (not that I got any!), along with a gorgeous coverlet with an embroidered 50 and accompanying quote... flowers! And Sis sneaked in a sweet glass globe from my parents' OWN 50th anniversary, which was well received and unexpected. Their presence is very much missed and yet very much evident.

Friends and relatives from near and far gathered. There were gifts, funny stories, sweet stories -- unrepeatable ones, too! -- and an enveloping joy that comes from sticking it out... seeing it through... learning together... and reaping the rewards.
Almost all of which were in attendance today! Too many photos and too many folks to include, but you can see some below...

Look close and you will see Linda's sister Cindy, whom has always been there, too. Grandsons Andy and Luke – say,
recognize that painting?
Nephew Jonathan and his Brooke. It seems like just last week I was in Edisto watching them get hitched. And visiting the Serpentarium! But it's been over two years now. Whew... that was fast!

Next we see Linda Version 3 in the form of super duper granddaughter Laney along with her groom, Beau. Marriage agrees with them, too. They’ve had good examples, I believe. (EDITOR'S NOTE: It's Bo, not Beau.)

The food was good while it lasted. That cake was as divine as it looked! Linda's daughter Diana (Laney's mom) seen here had a friend make it, based on plate designs Linda has. Great job and a totally personal touch. I told someone, "I made Diana's life a living hell when we were growing up." But she not only kept on loving me, she kept on coming BACK!!!

And now, for something completely different...

A Face In the Crowd. Some sneak peeks, maybe?
And this guy... well, so far so good. He's my first attempt in a while at a Guy guy sketch. Guys are a little tougher for me. All those angles and jawlines... you'll see him again soon. Finished. (or maybe that will be me...)

Yep, I am entering the Arthouse Cooperative's Sketchbook Project 2011. Cross your fingers!
And take care, Kids. It's 99F here today. Heat index, 109. APOCALYPTIC.
Candace in Athens.


sh林aronr宏oge嘉rs said...
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dosfishes said...

Wonderful celebration, the cake is something she will always remember. I like your angular fellow or what he will be when done...we got a break from the heat today but more is back. xox Corrine

Wig Wandering said...

Just a little correction- Laney's husband is "Bo", from his real name: John Joseph Bowman Light IV.

Candace said...

Uh oh. That's proofreading for you! It IS Bo -- which I really did know. I guess I was thinking he's her "beau" besides being her hubbs. Obviously we need to get together more so I will remember these details.

Hope all are well!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Wonderful photos! And I like your new sketches, too. We recently had a heat index of 121! It becomes meaningless at 110 for me ... anything about that is just TOO HOT! Stay cool! :-)

Sarah said...

This looks like a great celebration Candace-don't know how I missed it! Hope you are doing ok and well done for joining in the sketchbook project again. It made me feel tired just thinking about it!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Candy! What a fun party and beautiful family, and that cake was just fabulous looking!...Great sketches too. I could never draw a guy right! Hope all is well. xo Paulette