Jul 18, 2010

Hot Fun In The Summertime

Yep. It's still hot -- and bound to get worse as Dog Days are upon us, only with violent, daily T’storms since last week. Can't leave well enough alone, can She?

And then I go out and this greets me.

What the --?! It’s not even August, yet some things look like they're busy packing up !

But not Art Shenanigans!
Kitten and I had a ball as always today, wrapping 28 gauge copper wire around tee tiny beads. She was pretty patient, especially when she taught me about making funtastic paper beads.

Yes, I needed toothpicks. Yes, I needed glue. Yes, I needed a cake of styrofoam. (and a shot of whiskey by the time I was done.)

These fabric beads by Kitten just amazed me. They don't even feel like cloth once they're rolled up and set with fabric glue. Earrings? Yes. Necklaces? Yes. Art Journals? If you have to ask this question, you already know the answer.
What's even better is I learned old scraps for both the fabric as well as the paper can be recycled to make these. The paper should be a bit thicker, however. And I know lots of peeps hold on to ALL their Stampington mags, but uh... anyway, that's the type thickness the paper should be for the beads. Enough said. For now.

Below are some more finished projects/products. Kitten’s beadwork always looks polished and professional – look at this bird’s nest! (I can't believe I didn't take a photo of her bracelet. duh...!)

We thought my very first bird’s nest looked more like a hornet’s nest. HA! But that's fine, isn't it? Kitten said that’s pretty much how hers looked at first, too, but that the second one was perfectly fine, like she’d always done them, more or less. One just has to get used to working with one's hands and not only working with new materials, but working the actual materials. Just jump in.
So I did... and I have to admit, I ended up pretty happy with it. Kitten popped it onto a ribbon, and voila!

And now I'm cheerfully confident that I can manage all sorts of fun items and pronto! Perhaps I should do a “Crow’s Nest”, filled with all sorts of shiny!

Speaking of shiny, T and I took a road trip to downtown Atlanta Saturday and ended up with a gang of friends here.

Inside, it's a different atmosphere entirely. AKA, The Laughing Skull, The Vortex is fun, is almost always crowded, and has delicious food at pretty cheap prices. What more could I ask for?

Okay, I admit it... I had to have a shot of this. Forget the whiskey.

Hope you have a shot of fun this week, too.

Take care.
Candace in Athens.


dosfishes said...

Your nest necklace came out fabulous, so pretty! Paper beads, cloth beads yup fun, but glue all over your hands, yup. We have your dog days of summer and some Tstorms, is she here visiting up north? And
something we almost never get, heat lightening.
Freaked the dogs right out, they kept waiting for the
thunder too!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Yes ... even the plants are complaining about the heat! Your beads are so pretty and I love the nest you made into a necklace! What a fun, creative project.

Will you be sharing images from your Sketchbook Project journal related to your theme "A Face in the Crowd?" I think you picked a wonderful theme for yourself! It suits you! :-)

Sarah said...

Love the beed work and your day out sounds fun too! I hope it cools off soon. It is hot here too-though I don't know if you would say so!

Candace said...

Hi Kids! Thanks for the visits and comments and Anne, I am so going to take that Project front and center on the blog as soon as possible.

Hoping all of you are doing well and staying out of this apocalyptic heatwave... hottest June ever, apparently.
Take care, You Lovelies.

femminismo said...

So happy to hear from you, as always. My niece was just here from Athens. She said it has been really hot, too. Yuck! That humidity is never fun either. I love the nest necklace and the paper beads are fun aren't they? I haven't made any in a while. Trying to get my studio arranged. Fabric beads? Now that sounds like fun, too. What doesn't, when it comes to fabric and glue?

Anonymous said...
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Anne said...

Hi again, Candace! Glad to hear you will be sharing your Sketchbook Project journal on your blog! Yay! :-)

Hope you can stop by and help me celebrate my blogoversary! :-)

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Candace, what fun you and Kitten had! I've made those paper beads before, but never even thought of making them in fabric! What a great idea!!! I coated my paper beads with a couple of coats of clear nail polish and just a hint of glitter dust...they came out so pretty! Those bird nest charms are just adorable! ... Talk about this horrible heat, I now have a new idol...Willis Carrier, that wonderful guy who invented air conditioning!!! ;) Paulette

Candace said...

Anne, you always have such fun stuff on your blog, it's a constant delight to visit. And I was starting to get a little worried about My Beedeebabee Baby, Paulette ... but, of course, we all get quiet in Blogovia now and then for whatever reason!
Good to hear from alllll of you.
And, till next time.
Take care, whatever the temp is.

Anonymous said...

i trust everything will be fine. bless you!............................................................