Jul 12, 2010


Hello Everyone!

This is another new "Lovely Lady" ... and a closeup, this time, not one of the smaller ones I've started up. You will see her twice here, before ...

... and after I took pen and pencil to her.

Such different looks on the same piece of paper. It always astonishes me.

On a recent day trip, T and I went up to the North Georgia mountains, and stopped here for starters. I had to -- the sign was too alluring. But that's another story for another time.

Take care!
Candace, Still in Athens.


femminismo said...

Loving your images and yes, there is certainly a difference on the same paper when you add color. Glad you've been out and about. The color in the flowers on my blog wasn't touched by photoshop. I focused on the middle flowers and set the flash to "always go off" and captured these beauties - I guess perennial salvia and those yellow ... umm ... forgotten the name. They are perennial too. Love, Jeanne

Candace said...

Jeanne, I admire anyone whose photogs are as dreamy as these which you've done! Thanks for the tip, tho and I will just have to keep at it.

Hope the Mister is doing well these days!
Back at'cha.

Sarah said...

Another lovely one! The noses on your ladies sometimes remind me of lions, they almost look ready to change into one sometimes. Adding colour is fun. I love the way you never know quite how it will look. Hope you had fun at the yard sale. Wish we had those!

dosfishes said...

Great drawing and I like both versions, but they are so different too. I would have definitely braked for that sign. Hope you found some goodies there and enjoyed your mountain trip.

Candace said...

Sarah, thanks for your comments and if you ever come over we will definitely "do" some yard sales. Those are either feast or famine 'round here.

Corrine, that yard sale saw me buying a fantastic little greyhound figurine. And the barbecue was mighty fine.

Take care, everyone!