Sep 3, 2010


Hello Everyone!

So, last Saturday, T couldn't quite get Dale Chihuly's name right at times

and kept saying we were going to see Cthulu at Cheekwood -- which Amy and I found hilarious, all things considered. Well, I would hope not. That particular subject is what you see at the top of the post here but I do think H.P. Lovecraft would SO enjoy Chihuly's works, especially this one, titled "The Sun".
So, Cheekwood, Chihuly, Cthulu. This became our litany during our personal Walk thru Wonderland aka "the exhibit". The photos/video found at that link are better, of course, than my own. I am no professional photog, by a long shot (no pun intended...), but let me tell you, at one point, T excitedly came back around the bend for me and said, "Wait'll you see this!"

I could not help myself. My jaw hit the sidewalk as much for the presentation as the objet d'art itself.
Long shot....

Medium Shot.

Closer Shot. Two of my favourite colours, esp together, are green and purple... paradise surely must have this dynamic duo together in certain places.

All the works, however, were simply beautiful, and at times mindboggling, and I will share more in future posts along with my own shenanigans. No Dunwich Horrors need apply!

Below is part of a long installation titled "Silvered Red Bamboo", T's fave. I can't possibly capture how many there were lining the magnificent bamboo walkway we went on to get to the Japanese Garden and how lovely they were. I can't imagine them lit up at night. What fire itself was like, being born, I would think.

Amy and I however favoured "The Sunset Boat" which you can see below (photo copyright Terry Rishul) . I want to go back to view this all at night, which you can find if you Google it. I bet the photos aren't like being there, either, but seriously -- what could be?

Nature is echoed time and again in Chihuly's work. Speaking of nature, T picked up a pal by "The Moon" --

that stuck with us Kids for over half our guided walk, right where you see it!

Art Shenanigans revisits us this weekend with a tribute to Tatterhood and some words on Sketchbook 2011.
Meanwhile, take care because -- well ... Cthulu is watching!


Charlie said...

Hi Candace,
Wow it sure was nice that you popped by my blog and left such sweet comments. Thanks so much.
Your photos are great...where were these taken? Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
I love purple and green together too, add orange and you got a Halloween color scheme.

Candace said...

These really were taken up at Cheekwood in Nashville, exc for the Boat. That shot was in Devonshire, England and was credited to a different photographer.
No idea whose illo of Cthulu that is... found it at the Cthulu webiste, lol.

femminismo said...

Oh, my! Terrific stuff. When I was in Spokane, Wash., he had some of those flame like things about, but I never thought of how they must look lit up at night. We just had a wonderful dinner for Jewish new year. Pictures tomorrow. And thanks for your comment - and yes, I'm staunchly in your corner for always!

Sarah said...

Wow! I am not going to attempt to spell his name, but his work is great. I love the boat especially! I bet it would all be spectacular at night.

Beedeebabee said...

Wow, what gorgeous art! One piece looks a bit Medusa that! That purple and green is amazing, and that castle behind the boat is something I'd love to visit!!! Always fun to visit here, Candy...and I always enjoy the comments you leave me! xo Paulette