Sep 19, 2010


The long hot summer is over?
That Autumn will be in your face this very week?
That Halloween is right around the corner?
That pumpkins and costumes grace the covers of magazines and not overhyped celebrities?

Look what the Good Witch of the North brought me for this year's Fanciful Party… and say, it is soooo easy to get an invite to Vanessa's shenanigans. Check it out!

Can. Not. Wait. To Fly……

Take care.
Candace, Still in Athens.


dosfishes said...

Orange crush, gush gush. Photos of flying please?
xox Corrine

Sarah said...

Lovely dress! I will be at the party too-it is after all the event of the season!

Candace said...

Oh yes, there will be photos of all sorts of things on October 16th, as well as the Big Kahuna Day itself (31st).
Hope all are well.