Sep 13, 2010

The Turning Of The Wheel

The soft cool rain, the changing light through still green trees tell us summer is going... and not a moment too soon for some.

The heat, once so welcome, has become a scourge, lawn parties are cancelled and the animals stay inside on cool tile floors, their thick tongues lolling around inside big wet mouths that remind one of caverns.

Travel to a distant cold place looms before the young beauty and the colour leaves her face even as the last of the blossoms cling to her.

"Why ever did I eat those few little berries?" Persephone sighs. Servants pack her bags as her mother weeps into the tea towels, just like always. When her husband arrives to take her back, foultempered from his exhausting journey, her mother refuses to look at him. If she did, she would see that he too has mourned for the girl's return the entire time she was away, and she would see he looks gray and haggard.

"If only you could see him the way I do... " she tries telling them every spring upon her return. They refuse to listen, crying all the louder.

He stands out on the lawn of this friendless land, and helps the servants load her things. His hand caresses the fabric of her favourite scarf... how good it will be to take her away again! How good it will be to take her to their real home. to sit by the fire together and exchange stories, to hold her hand and be enveloped in this thick fog of love, until she finally gives in and eats a few more seeds.

Take care.
Candace, Still In Athens

Candace, Still In Athens.


Sarah said...

This is beautiful Candace!

dosfishes said...

Lovely work, lovely words and those shoes!!! Missed the last post, sometimes blogger let's things slide. Chilhuly is quite amazing isn't he and his work always looks great on water...Sketchbook 2011, met to finally getting into the act. Haven't cracked it yet, to nervous...xox Corrine

Candace said...

Thanks Kids! This is one of my favourite myths that explains the "natural world". I like to think there was more to him and her than just the wheel of the year...

Hope all is well with you also. Batten down those hatches, cos she is definitely leaving the area!

Beedeebabee said...

What a beautiful post, Candace! Your drawing of the young beauty is just lovely...and I'm loving those pretty shoes!...I'm so happy fall is near. It's glorious out there tonight. There's a real chill in the air, enough for a blanket! Woohoo!!! Hope you're having a beautiful, almost fall evening as well! xo Paulette