Nov 21, 2010


Just in time for the holidays… isn’t that splendiferous?

T says it looks like a face is hovering just beside Bellaluna itself. I like to think it's my id trying like hell to get a better shot. Yes, I realize with a sphere there is no angle, but --

And I think what a miracle. No matter where any of my pals are -- London, Oregon, South Africa, Australia, North Carolina, New York, right here in GA … we all are here under the same sky so ...

Let’s Dance under the moonlight, the serious moonlight!

And a lovely little glass piece I splurged on at the last Farmers Market. Oh you shouldn't have! Well, maybe I should have -- and so I did. Remember last year, I wanted a very similar piece by Susan Staley of The Solstice Sisters? To quote the song, I Can't Say No. The Athens Farmers Market usually closes for the year on the Saturday before T'Day.
Not this year! This year, they will push it through till Saturday, December 11th. W.O.W. Photos forthcoming, Kids.

Take care.


dosfishes said...

I agree with T, there is a persona hovering there! Great shot. xox Corrine

femminismo said...

I have a picture of the blue moon also, and I was watching it in Washington - three hours time difference? You were probably sound asleep, since it was around 9:30 when I saw it. Such a gorgeous being, the moon is. Although you can't beat the sun for warmth and growing power! Cheers to you on Turkey Day.

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving Candace! Hope all is well with you.

Candace said...

Hey there, and thanks everyone for stopping by. Whew, am I ever glad it's that time of year when I can slow down -- sort of.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Gorgeous glass art piece! I can totally see why you snapped it up! :-)