Dec 12, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all well! I am indeed still here and have managed to survive another earnings season just in time for the holiday season -- .

Yummo baked goods at Walker's Pub in Athens. Visiting friends and friends visiting.

Everything goes by in a blur once December hits.

Some shots of the Harvest Tree from November. Is that really me? Yep, as always, looking over my shoulder.

The full monty... almost. I like this shot for the reflections and shadows cast.

Twinkling lights make everything look so magical. One can almost hear The Faerie Court giggling in the branches. So what if they're fake? (The branches, not the Court!)

Hard to believe this tree has been up one year now, but it has. None the worse for wear. But it comes down Jan 6 of 2011.

The hats? Well, sure, they were fun and I will post those soon enough. But the tree? More than fun. But now it's time for other things to get goin'....
Speaking of which, more later!
Take care!


dosfishes said...

I love your blurry shot, that's how I feel this weekend, just a whir of activity. Glad you are back. Enjoy the next two weeks and into the New Year. xox Corrine

Sarah said...

Glad you are still here! The tree looks great!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I can see you're definitely in the spirit! Hope you stay warm in this arctic blast! :-)

Candace said...

Hey there, everybody.
Wow and I have to go out at night and walk the dogs, Anne. Brrrr... !!!
Stay warm, everyone.

femminismo said...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to come. We both have completed another year of wage earning! Lucky us! With something to share, the holiday was even more wonderful. Love, Jeanne

Candace said...

Happy everything to all!!! I do hope joy to the world continues to be poured out upon this big blue marble of ours. Fun times about to be popped up in a new post.

Candace, still in Athens.