Dec 31, 2010


Art Shenanigans to everybody!

Just as Sarah popped into my head today around 3PM ET, I wondered how close to New Year's she was... and now I see she has sent me a Happy New Year well ahead of time. Well, ahead of MY time, not hers, I wager. Jeanne popped into my head today, too, as I thought for a sickening moment later in the afternoon that the scarf I'd "won" from her a winter or so ago had been stupidly lost ... sigh. But no. A miracle! Yes, it is safe and sound and on its little hook hiding beneath my heavy denim jacket.

Basically I've been housebound during holidays due to a back injury, driving or even riding in a car more than I could handle -- mmmm. Lortab causes all sorts of things to melt away into a sort of golden cloud. I will be more than happy to get back into the swing of things, workwise and otherwise.

Was 2010 a good year, a bad year or both? For myself, the depths as well as heights were reached but that's life, isn't it? Or is it, really? Do we accept shortcomings and or what we believe are limitations or do we keep on keeping on, determined to reach not so much the top of the heap but the best of what we believe is in our own selves?

Colour will be splashed onto these little pen and ink drawings later. But for now, enjoy them in their simplest form. The first trio in a series of trios. These are all going into Face Forward!, my theme for the 2011 Sketchbook Project. More on that later.

Take care. Be well.
Candace, Still in Athens no matter WHAT the year is like!


Sarah said...

I like these drawings Candace-I love pen and ink. I am sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully you are on the mend and can get back into the swing of things in January. I popped in around 10 I think-it is very late now and just off to bed-not sure of our time difference! x

femminismo said...

Yes, so sorry to hear about your back. I went through a bit of that and went to the chiropractor, who actually made things better a little quicker. Hope you are "in there swinging" again soon. Glad you still have the scarf. I'm working on another one tonight. Face forward, keep going. Let me know about the sketchbook project. Stay warm; stay safe. - Jeanne

Anonymous said...

I think humans just carry on when the going gets tough- like a survival mechanism. Sorry to hear about your back.