Dec 25, 2010

White Christmas

We are Santa. We carry the message, Goodwill and Peace on Earth. If that's not a gift ...

Say, happy holidays, everyone! I am safe and sound and still in Athens and we just looked out, and it’s SNOWING.

A long winter’s nap for Kitty Boy -- doesn't he look like he's sporting a bit of a halo? Well, don't let him fool you! --

-- and bits of the Final Tree for 2010 shown here. That first one is fuzzed for some reason. What the???

Oh indeed, your eyes do not deceive you! Sock monkeys, a longtime favourite, adorn the tree!

That smaller sock monkey was a sweet and unexpected gift from dear friend Amy… seen here with her very own Mr. Claus. Hers was the first card of the season and how tickled I was to get this photo!

Who needs an Elf on the Shelf when these two are the ones watching over you?

Out and about this week. Posting fun stuff later.
Kids, I am so hoping everything was extra special and magical for you this year. And as Jeanne says, we made it… !

Candace, Still In Athens.


Sarah said...

Happy Christmas Candace! x

dosfishes said...

I heard you were snowing and then saw it on the news. Us too. Christmas was indeed magical this year, extra so for some reason. Love the tree and the sock monkeys! Happy Christmas to you and T. xox Corrine

femminismo said...

Oh I have been so lazy/busy not to have posted on Christmas. But I just couldn't make myself log in. I had nothing to add that could describe the Christmas Eve I had. Tomorrow night we are having another party. I need to make cookies now. The Mister thinks I am trying to kill him with food. no no! My niece posted it was snowing in Athens and I thought she was kidding! Ha! I'll be a much more sincere believer from now on.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Candace! x