Jan 4, 2011

Brought To You By --

The letter A. Honest, I did not have anything to do with the making of this little trick. An errant piece of old fabric neatly settled down on my walk in front of my old rickety steps.

Here she is! Following her many and sundry perils, “Candace Wants To Travel Doll” is safe and sound — for now, anyway – in Athens. Go here to find her home base. And she just landed in the Athens post offal after a big hoo-ha in Brasil!
I will be adding to her adventure travelog soon enough -- not to mention adding to HER -- and then, once again, Candace Doll will be on the way! Kimberly wants her back in her original digs by April 15th. Why does that date make me shiver?

Straight from their holiday gig on my tree, The Monks take time out to welcome Candace Wants To Travel Doll. Nothing like taking a load off your knit feet and checking out the new girl.

And speaking of shiver, you would never know it from the warmish weather today, but last week we had this type Extreme Weather going on --

and here in the Classic City, that is pretty nippy.
Take care!
Candace Wants To Travel Human


femminismo said...

Candace Wants to Travel Human? Does that mean the human Candace wants to travel? Love the doll. What a great idea! Love it.

dosfishes said...

Candace looks quite cozy with the sock monkeys. She is a charmer, are you going to do a little steampunk adventure with her? xox Corrine

Beedeebabee said...

Happy New Year, Candace! Yes, Candace Wants To Travel does look quite snugged in with the monks...all are adorable! ... I loved both of your Christmas trees! The one with the little pumpkins is so cool...the other sooo charming! ... I hope you're feeling better real soon. My hubby has a bad back that's always giving him problems, so I know it's not fun...but I'll sneak and tell you how funny he looks from behind when he's walking all bent over to one side...I know, that's mean! Bad me!!! Good wishes and many blessings to you and T in 2011! Feel better, sweetie! xo Paulette ;D

NuminosityBeads said...

Oh man, I didn't know about this blog
i was looking at your other one, silly me!
There's our gal havin' fun
xoxo Kim

Li said...

I`m very happy to hear from Candace!!
I miss her already...
Hugs to both Candaces ;)

Southern Girl said...


I visited your stomping grounds a few weeks ago! :) I went by the Royal Peasant with my family, and I hoped that you would show up. Maybe next time. :)