Jan 19, 2011

Golly! More from Art Shenanigans

Hello everyone! First, Happy Birthday to The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Look at that new toy, and that new bed. Don't get up, Moll. We'll let ourselves out.

Those paws are as big as my head, honest.

Well, I am sure you have all heard about The Big Chill here in the Sunny South. While I do have Art Shenanigans to share, here are a couple of shots.

During -- and after! That's how cold it was, too. That is not my camera. Everything looked as blue as Babe the Ox.

There is no "before" shot, you will notice. T and I were minding our own biz when suddenly we just had a feeling. There was that quiet sound the Earth gets when she is settling down for a long winter's nap, you know what I mean?

It has been a real recordbreaking winter in the Classic City. We had a White Christmas, and now we've had a week of 8-inch snow'n'ice that would NOT go anywhere no matter how much we begged Mother Nature to get rid of it. Seriously. My mail did not show up for four days. And I still had to work...

Even Kittyboy was not having any of it. What the --??? He had a great time watching the birds come get their suet, though.

Here we go. Coloured pencils and ink on paper on top of paper, some of them sealed with not just a kiss but with Mod Podge.

Miss Fitt. Coloured pencil and ink on 90 lb cold press paper, on top of paper, on top of moleskine.

Facing Forward. Coloured pencil and ink on moleskine paper. Sealed.

Mouth Shut. Ditto but not sealed.

Spite. Ditto ditto. I tried making her hand look like a scissor.

My goodness, isn't Art lurid ...! Too many horror shows as a kid, no doubt.
Take care and enjoy the weather.
Candace, Still in Athens.


dosfishes said...

Too cute sweet dog....snow everywhere it seems not too many states left out. Great drawings, wonderful interpretations of those emotions! xox Corrine

Sarah said...

Oh you have been having fun! I like all your faces-especially the sewn mouth one and the scissor girl. Very striking. Sorry to read about your back-don't know how I missed that one. Hope it is getting a bit better now. I also hope you warm up in Athens soon-poor Kitty Boy. The snow here caused Tiger and lily to join Cassie in her pooh tray, and sadly they have not stopped using it since! Love Molly Brown asleep!

Just a link to Beth Robinson's stitch bitch dolls-thhey are a bit gruesome so don't look if you are squemish! Your sewn mouth face reminded me of them.

femminismo said...

Love these! The words/sayings in her hair. The three faces. What a great idea. I may steal it!

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Wow! Molly is soooo beautiful! And our cats don't like the snow much either! Fab drawings! :-)