Sep 27, 2010

Party Animals

Bess, our Clown Princess, is ready for this season's festivities -- starting sooner than you know! You can't see it but she had a really goofy grin goin' on. How can the same dog look so so regal one second and then the next instant turn into The Queen of Comedy?

Hello Everyone! Mostly I am working for "The Man" but using down time to get it going for THIS. I am in the middle of making the biggest crown I've had yet... and unlike the archetypal witch's hat, it is so, so colourful.

Alas, poor Yorick -- !

but not to worry, he will be turned into a sugar skull for the Big Halloween Party!

FINALLY the weather broke here in the Classic City. It didn't even reach 78F today after the last hurray of 90+ temps this week. We had a steady downpour of rain morning, noon and now, night, with occasional thunder. Tomorrow, more rain -- and the hint of a chill around the corner. Everyone seems definitely in the mood for this...

and hot lattes with a friend at B&N. (I promise. Those empty cups sooo had lattes in them...!)

One of us read Artful Blogging while the other read Psychology Today. We both grabbed the latest "Dexter" novel -- hot off the presses. It was a good day.
Take care. I hope to see you all at the Halloween Party here -- or at your place.
Candace, Still in Athens.

Sep 21, 2010


Day of Peace...

Wow. Wouldn't THAT be magic? Sure, let’s cross our fingers but let’s walk that talk. Let's be realistic and idealistic at the same time, and work for a greater good.

sigh -- When I wrote the above, I sure was full of myself, wasn’t I? (Truth be told, folks will never "get along" 100%. Friends and, yes, sometimes even family will fall by the wayside for so many people who will be left wondering, “Why didn’t I see that one coming?” Over and over, people ask this question, still holding the bag -- now empty -- that used to spill over with such plenty and such promise.)

But, never fear. I still choose to be full of myself. I choose life and joy. I choose happiness. I choose peace. I choose all the colours of life, even the darker, less-loved ones. I choose pretending cheer over none at all, hoping it will transform into the real thing one day…

Internationally, of course.
I'll leave you for now with a shot of a tiny tea set given to me this Sunday past -- it's a replica of the set Thomas Jefferson used at Monticello. And say, even Sarah would be happy with that reflection on the piano! (She's doing some really fun stuff over on her site. Go check it out by clicking on her name!)
Honest, this set pretty much fits in my hand!

Take care, you lovelies.
Candace, Still in Athens.

Sep 19, 2010


The long hot summer is over?
That Autumn will be in your face this very week?
That Halloween is right around the corner?
That pumpkins and costumes grace the covers of magazines and not overhyped celebrities?

Look what the Good Witch of the North brought me for this year's Fanciful Party… and say, it is soooo easy to get an invite to Vanessa's shenanigans. Check it out!

Can. Not. Wait. To Fly……

Take care.
Candace, Still in Athens.

Sep 13, 2010

The Turning Of The Wheel

The soft cool rain, the changing light through still green trees tell us summer is going... and not a moment too soon for some.

The heat, once so welcome, has become a scourge, lawn parties are cancelled and the animals stay inside on cool tile floors, their thick tongues lolling around inside big wet mouths that remind one of caverns.

Travel to a distant cold place looms before the young beauty and the colour leaves her face even as the last of the blossoms cling to her.

"Why ever did I eat those few little berries?" Persephone sighs. Servants pack her bags as her mother weeps into the tea towels, just like always. When her husband arrives to take her back, foultempered from his exhausting journey, her mother refuses to look at him. If she did, she would see that he too has mourned for the girl's return the entire time she was away, and she would see he looks gray and haggard.

"If only you could see him the way I do... " she tries telling them every spring upon her return. They refuse to listen, crying all the louder.

He stands out on the lawn of this friendless land, and helps the servants load her things. His hand caresses the fabric of her favourite scarf... how good it will be to take her away again! How good it will be to take her to their real home. to sit by the fire together and exchange stories, to hold her hand and be enveloped in this thick fog of love, until she finally gives in and eats a few more seeds.

Take care.
Candace, Still In Athens

Candace, Still In Athens.

Sep 3, 2010


Hello Everyone!

So, last Saturday, T couldn't quite get Dale Chihuly's name right at times

and kept saying we were going to see Cthulu at Cheekwood -- which Amy and I found hilarious, all things considered. Well, I would hope not. That particular subject is what you see at the top of the post here but I do think H.P. Lovecraft would SO enjoy Chihuly's works, especially this one, titled "The Sun".
So, Cheekwood, Chihuly, Cthulu. This became our litany during our personal Walk thru Wonderland aka "the exhibit". The photos/video found at that link are better, of course, than my own. I am no professional photog, by a long shot (no pun intended...), but let me tell you, at one point, T excitedly came back around the bend for me and said, "Wait'll you see this!"

I could not help myself. My jaw hit the sidewalk as much for the presentation as the objet d'art itself.
Long shot....

Medium Shot.

Closer Shot. Two of my favourite colours, esp together, are green and purple... paradise surely must have this dynamic duo together in certain places.

All the works, however, were simply beautiful, and at times mindboggling, and I will share more in future posts along with my own shenanigans. No Dunwich Horrors need apply!

Below is part of a long installation titled "Silvered Red Bamboo", T's fave. I can't possibly capture how many there were lining the magnificent bamboo walkway we went on to get to the Japanese Garden and how lovely they were. I can't imagine them lit up at night. What fire itself was like, being born, I would think.

Amy and I however favoured "The Sunset Boat" which you can see below (photo copyright Terry Rishul) . I want to go back to view this all at night, which you can find if you Google it. I bet the photos aren't like being there, either, but seriously -- what could be?

Nature is echoed time and again in Chihuly's work. Speaking of nature, T picked up a pal by "The Moon" --

that stuck with us Kids for over half our guided walk, right where you see it!

Art Shenanigans revisits us this weekend with a tribute to Tatterhood and some words on Sketchbook 2011.
Meanwhile, take care because -- well ... Cthulu is watching!