May 29, 2009

Busting Out All Over Drawing and Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, once again, it is time for the Monthly Art Drawing & Giveaway I attempt (lamely at times, I fear) to keep up during this zany year.

Between now, Friday, May 29, 2009 and Sunday, May 31st, please enter a comment or Somesuch (remember him?) to this here blog for a chance at one of my glass art pendants for the June Is Busting Out All Over drawing.

This pendant will be OOAK. All of the giveaways are and will be, of course, but this one is definitely a wee bit different from the rest. And it will come with a nice something to hang it on.

The name picked out of the top hat (yes, literally -- a top hat. No rabbits need apply.) will be announced Monday, June 1, at The Witching Hour.

I have learned a lot, trust me… and at times, falling behind, due to work and other time constraints, I have also learned My Peeps are more than kind and supportive. Because they are often in the very same boat, bailing away...

Whatever you do,
Get More of What You Love!

May 27, 2009

Another Self Portrait and Little Somethings

Hello Everyone!

Well, there I was at the top of my game at only 7 years of age, this studio portrait a reminder of the adulation reserved for a child, taken just in time for my first "real" piano concert. ("Symphony No. 4" by Haydn.) Look at those tee-tiny Mamie Eisenhower bangs. My sister in law and I still laugh about that 'do which my mom found necessary (for some ungodly reason) for me to sport during most of my childhood. It's a wonder anyone came near me...
okay, it's a bit of a cheat as I did not take this photo. Still, I thought we could use a laugh during these early summer days.

Soon, I will be resting up (read vacation) between episodes of intense quarterly projects, as I finish reading this. Forget the movie. Author Paul Bowles despised Bertolucci's "version" and after reading this, I understand why. Careful if you pick this edition up! Bowles' foreword has spoilers.

And on the rare occasion, I have taken to ordering a little something for myself…

Go here to find out more about this creative spirit I found through yet another blog pal. Fun stuff and really lovely, too -- the incredible colours she can coax out of the firing process are a true feast for the eyes.
As for my own higgledy piggledy works, here is a little something -- inspired by Jeanne's ferns, which you can easily see here.

And speaking of taking things One Day At A Time, some other "little something" is winging its way to her now… at last! I hear you cheering, Pal!

Check back with this here blog Friday, May 29, as the June Is Busting Out All Over drawing is all but upon us.

Have a great, great week and remember:
Get More of What You Love,

May 23, 2009

Counting Chickens

Hello Everyone!

Farmer's Market had some great great stuff today, herbs and veggies notwithstanding. And a new artist named Rose Pringle was there. She can be found at I would pop in the link but for some reason it isn't working for me today. Dang!
(Alas, I did not have my camera with me, can you believe that? So no photo of Rose her own self today. Next time, for sure.)
Back Story: My friend Tammy has a little farm and raises a few chickens which she is always entertaining the troops with in the form of eggs and stories (Roger the One Eyed Rooster comes to mind).

I thought the necklace you see here would be a perfect gift for her. It's also a snapshot of the type work Rose does.
On another note, Rose and I briefly talked about getting together in a couple of weeks and checking out that most illustrious Art Shenanigans! Our styles are completely different -- as are mine and Kitten's -- but we are going to exchange information, techniques, etcetera. Should be fun!

Have a happy everything! And by all means,
Get More of What You Love,

May 20, 2009

Another Self Portrait -- but Wait!

There's More.

Hello everyone!

Yes, that's me, obviously thrilled to be here. Again, let me remind you all that I do. not. like. pink. Yet, I wear it quite a bit. Why? Because everyone tells me I look good in pink... the word vainglorious comes to mind, doesn't it?

The past weekend was a busy one and a fun one to boot. To be honest, T and I needed a day out of town.

1. Friday was an art day with Kitten. We had a fantastic time, and she showed me the hows and wherefores of making your own glass art pendants. They take about 15 minutes... sort of.

Okay, that's a lie -- courtesy of Art Shenanigans. These pendants take approximately 24 hours because the glue has to completely set. But it only takes 15 minutes, honest, to slap one together.

Unless, of course, you are like Miss Indecisive here (aka "everything looks great!") and it takes you an hour to decide what you want. But my choice was finally made and here it is below.

I chose the Athenaesque stamp for obvious reasons -- one being the Classic City connection and two, travel and communication. Both are important to yours truly and I daresay, some of you. Jeanne comes to mind as she is off on a different type vacation. Go say hi.

2. Saturday, T and I drove 90 minutes to visit T's brother Steve and wife Olivia for his birthday. He and T are close -- really, everyone likes him. He's a great great guy. We saw a movie and afterwards had lunch in Franklin, North Carolina at Cody's, this great diner here ...

... fun! It was a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, like most folks around here. I loved Franklin and can't wait to go back as there are lots of art galleries and exhibits and such to explore.

Steve and Olivia have done some beautiful as well as quirky stuff with their home and land up in the mountains. Check out the face on that tree.

Then a closer look at what is nestled in by the bench past that tree. A really lovely place to sit and reflect.

Ladyslippers! Read about them here and you'll understand why I was thrilled.

But the real star of the show was Daisy -- who poses ever so deliberately, so carefully, so regally when a camera comes her way, we always fall over laughing.

She very carefully guarded this -- can you see the frog?
I finally managed a photograph after several attempts and lots of sneaking around, always followed by Daisy and the ever-growling Sam. Sam is not to be trifled with, as this lizard under the rock is about to discover, although the boy really is a pretty good fellow.

I'll be back next week, with the June Is Busting Out All Over Art Drawing and Giveaway.
Until then, get more of what you love.

May 14, 2009


Hello Everyone!

To begin, here is a little peep of the first head I made from the Craft Porcelain shown in the last post on this here blog. It was fun, but I can tell I need to get with it!

Furthermore, I found that it was impossible to not give him/her (it?) those jeweled eyes. To me, they added more than just a physical sparkle. And I believe this is a Creature of the Night or somesuch. Well, the feline ears give that much away, I guess. And look at that grin that's started up on its mug. Like a Cheshire Cat --! Maybe it's Kitty Boy espying his wet food.

And as promised, shots of my experiments with lasagna gardening below as I begin this new type cultivation and soil amendment. Many many thanks to T as well as this lady.
Tools of the trade above and the beginning of the work below.

Doesn't look like much now, does it? That's actually five layers of wet newspaper, topped with peat moss, organic materials, and then more peat moss. Hosed down lightly till it's like a damp sponge. Finishing up, in went the lambs ear (some of these plants and herbs have rather colourful names). It won't be alone in this garden for long, trust me.
That's all, Folks! More later on "Somesuch". The light at the end of that tunnel is happily enough not a train...! Toot toot!

May 13, 2009

Self Portrait 13 May and something new

In the honeysuckle ...

Hello Everyone!

This Craft Porcelain is some fun stuff, recommended by friend Kitten and now by Yours Truly if you like this type thing (at Michaels and at Hobby Lobby, btw). It air dries and has a wonderful feel, texture and malleability. Using it now to do some fun figures -- ! I don't even need the pasta machine for this stuff.

Do More of What You Love,

May 11, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Today was the first hint of the lull after the storm that is earnings season at work. Whew... thank goodness. This gave me a little extra time with Art Shenanigans seen in the group below.

There was also time for some gardening, going over these packets which were given out Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

Taking a trip to Cofer's Home and Garden Showcase (five convenient minutes away), I purchased 50 lbs of peat moss which probably sounds like a LOT -- and hey, it is -- but trust me, it will be gone in no time!

But in the meantime, how am I going to get 50 lbs of peat moss out of my hatchback?!

One of the tenants on my land -- This is why we do not have rats or other vermin. Needless to say -- as King keeps us pest free we, in turn, leave him alone other than to oooo and ahhhh over him when he shows up in his over six supple feet of glory. The sun hits that fellow and he glistens as if oiled. Just a beautiful, beautiful boy.

The honeysuckle has taken over part of the girls' fence, scenting the entire land, the bees staggering around drunk from it, the air fragrant even at night thanks to its perfume, wafting through the open dining room window. The roses --? I've never had so many. This is just one bunch of them. The greenery is finally in and standing at attention.

I wish you could see it when the sun shines on the hedge of honeysuckle. Magic!

Anne's token is on the snail trail to her and Jeanne's almost ready to go out, finally. And I have begun another journal, this one on 140 lb. cold press. Live and learn.


May 10, 2009

Mothers Day and Rome

There is nothing that makes me sicker than totally missing something I've been waiting a year for -- short of drinking wolf's milk.

Craftstravanganzaa Spring 2009 was last weekend and not this one. DOH! Read about it and see awesome photos here.

Hello everyone!

What the...???

Anyway, I did indeed travel to the Athens Farmer's Market which you can read about here and found these totally funtastic necklaces among other handmade local goods as well as fresh produce and yummy coffee at Bishop Park.

And today is Mother's Day. For the occasion, T went in to visit Fran, the matriarch of the clan, and took in a gift I found Saturday at the aforementioned fabu Farmer's Market. Frances is about 4'10" -- no kidding -- but believe me, you do not want to mess with her. She is the She-wolf of Rome. I was thrilled when I found THIS baby

and I sent it on as a token of my appreciation for not only the fine job she has done on T and Steve, but on herself as well. Fran has lived in Rome, Georgia forever, as far as I know. She is very proud of her hometown and even has tokens of the above Romulus and Remus statue (the alleged founders of the original Rome) around her house. She was a single mother when it was not common or very popular, and brought all her kids up to be self sufficient originals.

When my own mother died in '96 (and it gets harder sometimes, the older I get, instead of easier --), Fran told me she would be My Mother now. If she only knew the aggravation I had caused Beatrice Wiggins -- without meaning to, I promise! -- I think she'd take it back. ha!

So anyway -- have a great Mother's Day, all. And take a note from my page and recheck your calendars so YOU don't miss anything. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go call my sister in law and my sister to wish them a good day, too.

Take care!

May 9, 2009

Some Bling For Your Wing?

Hello Everyone!

A little something I'm working on. It really sparkles when the lights hit just right. How big is it really?

There, you can see, it is indeed a very nice size.

The new "Star Trek" film is great fun. Just sayin...! And so is "God Knows" by the late Joseph Heller, which I am reading again. I think seeing the NBC miniseries, KINGS, tripped that memory for me.
This weekend, the Farmer's Market and Sunday, CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA! Hoohoo!

Get More of What You Love.

May 6, 2009

Self Portrait Wednesday 6 May

Self Portrait Wednesday again?! Didn't I just do one? Why do I look so fuzzyyy...???

mmm... is it CDN or CN? "Hey, T, is the new abbreviation for Canadian dollars CDN or CN?"

Hello everyone!

Wow, when one is trying to stretch as an "artist"… just be prepared to make some real bonehead mistakes. That’s all I will say for now. Anything else and I might bust out crying.

On a happy note, Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa is this Sunday, which is also Mother’s Day and Graduation at UGA… hot, muggy and totally fun especially since friend and sister artist Christie Wooke will be there.

Photos of this event will post later that evening, hopefully, along with some fun Farmer’s Market pickin’s . Yes, the market is open again on Saturdays here in the Classic City. I can’t wait!

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again... and now, back to work... !

May 4, 2009

Guess Who and What's That?

Hello Everyone!

Why Look Here! A Key Lime Cake from a Baptist Church Bake, that's what. Is that colorful or what?! Looks like this Ladies Aid Society is outwardly sedate but inwardly flamboyant. Thanks to my dear friend Tammy for scoping this dessert out and bringing it over yesterday. We all (10 of us, anyway!) fell on it with rapturous cries, accompanied by cups of hot, strong coffee. It was delicious, trust me!

And now, guess who? I already have this artist's address so unless she just wants to say hi, no need to send it. And I daresay she has my 'number'!

Congrats to Jeanne, practically my first blog friend and connection into the larger world found in Blogovia. There ya go, Pal! And honest, Mister, this was an above the board drawing... would Ms. Bun allow any real shenanigans?

Starting last week, I was (and still am) deep in the heat of things at work and, except for announcing the Merry Month of May winner, I will be scarce for a bit -- like two weeks or so. booooo.... No problem, I will still visit all of you and more! (this will not affect the June Drawing... so, dry your eyes.)

I do hope to post Self Portrait on Wednesdays, and when I return (certainly before Memorial Day!?), EyeCandy will have fun things for you all to see and/or scoff at from The Classic City Itself!

Above is a looksee at the latest in My Garden of Not so Earthly Delights. Every time I get ready to mow the lawn, we have torrential rains or I have to work past daylight hours. Mmm.... I need some GARDEN GNOMES. I wonder do they cut grass?

Speaking of grass cuttings, I have my lasagna garden started up. Photos later, kids, and a real adventure it is, believe me!

Thanks everyone! This was the largest turnout yet. Don't forget -- what did Miss Candace say about everyone in these monthly drawings and giveaways? "You are all winners to me!" That's right, kids... Because you are.

Get More of What You Love.

May 1, 2009

Merry Merry Month of May Drawing and Giveaway

Hello Everyone and Happy May Day!

Time once again for the Monthly EyeCandy Art Drawing and Giveaway. This one is going to be a bit different from the others. You know the rules.

Just leave a comment or a "howdy do" on this here blog by Sunday, May 3rd at the Witching Hour, 12midnight your time.

The drawing will happen first thing Monday morning, May 4th at 8AM.

What’s a bit different? Instead of art, there will be a different style of shenanigans going on. Yes, it’s a first, ladies and gentlemen! The party never stops in the Classic City.

Up for grabs is a little something – possibly framed but definitely no glass – made from one of the pieces of fabric sent to Yours Truly recently by none other than the creative Ro Bruhn. (see previous post) And when I say it’s a first, I mean it’s a first for my own self, too. Hoohoo! Twice the adventure, kids!

So get those cards and letters in no later than Sunday at midnight.

Get More of What We Love.