Jan 25, 2008

TGIF and Tough Decisions

Seriously. It is a good day and a bad day this evening. Work was pretty grungy today.

Also I have made a couple of decisions which will see changes very soon. My dear friend, Miss Jeanne!, will be leaving for England 18 Feb -- less than a month away! Waaahhh! -- to live and work in the London office. Same job just a definitely different office. And I am visiting her for Thanksgiving. Yaaayyy! I've known Jeanne five years and feel that I have known her all my life, to be honest.

The good news is she is selling me her PIANO!!! It was her grandmam's and it is being sold at a good and fair (to us both) price. So now I can play play play more more more till I get back to where I was (supposedly), and T can learn how, as well. (Pictures of this amazing feat to follow.)

Tonight I also made the very tough, put off far too long decision to find a good complementary home for Molly Brown, my greyhound. I am not doing right by Molly and perhaps never was. It's not that she is a cat killer -- by training, unfortunately. Yes, she was a racer and was trained on rabbits and cats -- and has already come close to taking out Kitty Boy, the love of my (cat) life. -- Okay, I digress, it did put me on my heels that Molly will NEVER be cat friendly. She is a category 4. Catch and kill. She caught him and was set on taking him out, but the old fella's breakaway collar broke -- and by that time, I had hold of her. If he had died, I don't know what I would have done ( in general and in particular). All this drama in my studio, tsktsk -- !

She is a bit needy because of slight separation anxiety but is a lovely, sweet girl and will be a most excellent companion to someone who does NOT have cats. It's not fair that she has to stay crated because she "might" hurt or worse one of the two cats.

She barks and cries a lot for attention. I cannot take care of her the way she needs to be taken care of and this is injurious to myself as well. It kills me to hear her -- deep chest, piercing cry. She has had her shots and I have taken care of those terrible teeth her previous owner totally ignored. (She was a rescue.) Molly was in such pain and I thought that alone was going to be a difference in her personality, but it hasn't been, really. Otherwise, she is actually enjoyable and I hope to find a perfect PERFECT companion for her soon.

T also is in classes and now what little amount of time was there, tagteaming on the animals and this HUGE house, has been cut as well. "I don't have time to do .... fill in the blank." So now there are classes and even LESS time to do.... fill in the blank.

It's been several weeks since I actually wrote anything of any worth -- about anything but esp on my fiction -- and I rarely RARELY have had time to attend any of my art to make a difference to myself, let alone anyone who may be interested.

I feel very down tonight for several reasons, one of which is a wonderful opportunity for Jeanne -- one of the best pals I've had -- and about Moll, but I am certain I have made the right decision there. I love animals -- all animals -- but I should not have anything other than Kitty Boy.

As I've told T before, "Apres Kitty Boy, le deluge."


Jan 24, 2008

Hump Day

Yes, it is even past the hump of the week as it is now well past 12Midnight. Thursday AM.
As we had Monday off, thanks to MLK Day being kept by Wall Street, etc., there is no reason for me or anyone else to show up at the office. So Tuesday is Monday. Wednesday is Tuesday. Before you know it, we're all going backwards looking for yet another 3 day weekend. (February, fyi.)

Speaking of show, I was checking out the Picasa Web Album, also Blogging for Dummies on Amazon.com .

Why, why, why are my photos of my art, etc., not cooperating and showing on this here EyeCandy blog?? I'm smart, honest. And I am nothing if not computer literate. Sort of...

Jan 21, 2008

Eyecandy Eye Candy

Another blog named Eye Candy. Only mine, this one, is EyeCandy. The other is very lovely, photography-heavy.

I thought naming this EyeCandy would be appropriate as it's not only about eye candy but Candy is also My nickname, short for Candace.

Bought some nice suede gloves at Coldwater Creek, 13.99 as opposed to 29.99. Ahh, January sales beckon. Dark red. They're lovely especially with my denim and my leathers. Motorcycle Mama...! Lol. Seriously, the wind chill put us at 18F at 6PM and I just didn't want to be up and down the sidewalk at Alps with no gloves. No hat is bad enough.

A mocha at Borders with T and a quick read of this month's Cloth Paper Scissors as well as the small but totally fun Craft magazine. Will buy CPS on the next check, and start looking for the new issue of Artful Blogging!

Have to sit tight moneywise this week as I also had to have new prescription for glasses. Oh well... not totally unexpected but still not a great feeling, having to spend bucks on spectacles rather than FUN stuff like books, magazines and journals and so close after Xmas as well.

Speaking of journals, My own "Rant and Rave Journal" is coming along. Hope to post a couple of things from it soon, soon, soonest.

Back to work tomorrow after having MLK Day off. If Wall Street is closed, so are we. Yahoo. Er, um -- I mean, I Love My Job. (Actually, I do --!)

Italian Ice Tomatoes

Here is a link for the Italian Ice Tomatoes from Burpees.


Aren't they gorgeous? I feel sure you will see these again in any journal pages I share as soon as I figure out how to do this without LOSING anything. (What AM I doing wrong here?)

Funny I cannot eat very many tomatoes of any type (allergies), but manage to eat a bit of one or two here and there. Mmmm... T has no such problem and puts them in many of our dishes, then remembers. "Oops! Sorry, Candy."

"No matter, T. I'll just put a pinch of sugar in to counteract the acidity and voila!"

If only ALL of life were that way. Just a pinch of sugar and presto chango!
More later on the gardening. Thanks for stopping by...

January and We Have Had Snow!?

First off, Athens has not had real snow for some years. I've been here two years and have yet to enjoy it... Wednesday, big fairy tale snowflakes coming down and laying on the ground but then the cold sleety rain showed by midnight and they were gone. Driving into it in the dark, Maxfield Parrish landscape -- magic!

Working on a journal as to goals this year. Yas, yas, Italian Ice Tomatoes from Burpees. T's tomatoes did SOOO well last summer that I thought I would step up to the plate with an early offering of "Hey, try this one, too!" They are so pale green, they really do look like an Italian ice. Just lovely. They are supposedly more sweet and crisp. Two thumbs up. Jack's Cherokee Heirloom tomatoes he sent via Jeanne were more than great. T has good luck with gardening. We should all be so lucky!