Jul 11, 2015


My computer is acting weird and won't pop up any -- any photos. Heck it will hardly post my notes, writings, etc.

I will do my best to get this up but it might be later today. Hope to see/meet up with you over the next day or two. I love the tea parties, and am sad my machine has picked THIS WEEK to start acting up.

Your patience is appreciated.
Candace, STILL in Athens

Jun 18, 2015


Wow, is it ever miserably hot here in the already Sunny South. Pretty early for such dreadful temperatures. August will be like a Lowcountry boil in Hell.

Not that I can eat any of that shrimp. Yummo, but I know how good it is and wish I could.

Are you going to be a part of the Annual Mad Tea Party Saturday, July 11? A Fanciful Twist -- go here -- is the usual gracious host site and Vanessa is the Hostess with the Mostest. It's always fun, you make new friends and catch up with old ones, and have a ball.

I missed the last couple of years. But I am back and happy to be joining in the fun. Mmm, maybe we will have a Mad Lowcountry Tea Party.

Take care and I will see you at the Tea if not before.

Jun 3, 2015

The Annual Mad Tea Party Is ON, gang!

I am back in Blogovia. Yes, I am doing this fun event right here in The Classic City at the Spooky Old House again. I have missed doing it, have missed all of you as well. Life throws a couple of punches but if you can duck and roll, you come right back up, just like this gal...

and here is where you go to find out more about it.  A Fanciful Twist and Vanessa are a couple of the best things to happen to me, then AND now.

Hope you join but if not, hope to see you around!

Candace, Still in Athens

Mar 30, 2015

Nothing Like --

Relatives you love visiting, kicking around, eating at the favourite intown restaurants, going to a movie together. Sitting and talking, catching up, and solving problems. Nothing like it.

We had a good time. But alas, when T and I returned home, we saw the Kitster has really lost ground just in the few hours we were gone. It hurts to hold him -- literally. His bones are so pronounced, they are like knife edges. It may seem cruel but we hope his days are down to just hours being numbered. We don't know why he is hanging on. We don't want to put him down but if we have to, we will... our vet is wonderful and they will come to us and do it.

Sorry this is a downer section of the post, but so many of you have watched Kittyboy over the years, some of you have met him, that I feel it's only fair to let you know. We lost Tsar already, still have the Girls. We believe and have told Kit he will be with Tsar again... and that we will be with them one day too. We have told him we will be okay and that he can do whatever he wants to. If he wants to go, go...  so far, he's still hanging out with us. He weighs a measly five pounds... incredible.

On a very good note, I have had a short story published. "Johnny Gets His Gun". It's in an anthology, a book published here in The Classic City. I've had good solid feedback from it and am sending out others, as well, one or two actually requested/suggested.

Hoping to see you all in Blogland soon.

Feb 25, 2015

February 2015

Kickin' it old skool...

Yeah, I'm back. So what? After a year of undetermined vicious abdominal pain that nearly did me in, I recovered -- ta da! -- only to have to have very sudden open  heart surgery last September. That was just a bump in the road for yours truly. Am heavily into writing and art, still. Taking a great couple of classes via Film Athens. Have a script well underway and T and I are deep in discussions with another project. More on that when it's ready.

Met Jeanne this past summer along with Judy, her intrepid sister... it was great finally meeting a blog/FB friend.

I got pretty lazy with the blog. It takes time and real effort and like I said... I'm lazy. FB with its miniscule narrative and memes and shares and this. that and the other is like junk food. It can be tasty, it can keep you from literally starving but it's never really good for you. It reminds me of old phone party lines. You pick up the receiver for your own call but there are others on your line and you can join in willy nilly -- or at least listen and learn.

Here is an entertainment blog I occasionally write for. Movies, music, personalities (obits, mostly) and fun stuff.


Take care, wherever you are.

Jan 2, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone!

I am glad 2011 is done for so so many reasons. Of course, the economy and political shenanigans and whathaveyou, but the autumn/winter was a sad one. There were four deaths including my father's passing, and my beloved sister in law's mother plus a dear friend within five weeks of each other.

Ugh. I feel like I am just now getting my feet underneath me again.

"Work" is incredibly off the chain and everyone of course is happy to have a job when they have one, and I do love what I do, but it's with a happy heart that I face 2012 and MORE ART SHENANIGANS.

Yes, I am indeed involved in the Sketchbook Project for 2012. The subject is fascinating and I had picked it quite some time oddly enough before the turn of the wheel -- Life Underground. Some of you may remember that the Myth of Demeter and Persephone is one of my favourites.

I also am at the halfway point in the novel I've been swearing to write for quite a while now. And I am back into costumery, movies, and reading. Visiting friends through blogs, visiting Miss Jeanne when she came over from London (gosh, I hope this year sees me back over there!).

So while it has been a dip downwards on this nutty rollercoaster we call life, things have evened out and I am buckled back in for the next adventure. Mmm, maybe I should just free fall this ride.

A visit with Art Shenanigans this weekend. I have indeed missed you all. It's been tough being away.

Candace in Athens