Jul 20, 2008

Sneak Peeks


From an upcoming Autumn Journal... I love her face and will alter it a bit for the Journal, of course. It's winsome and reflective like so many things are when seasons change. Of course, she's reading a book! That's what I do a lot in autumn and winter... curled up with a good fill in the blank, and cocoa, etc.

The twin fawns sleep 50 feet away from the house under a big water oak. Whenever we come in, we see their little heads pop up and they watch us, curious ... "Are You My Mother?" they seem to ask, like the old children's book.

Busy times at work since it's halfway thru the fiscal year for many many folks. I will post once a week at least, I promise. Have a great week.



Jul 13, 2008

It's A Good Thing I'm So Cute

Hello everyone,
Yesterday was a busy day with a round trip to and from SC and then installing new work stuff on the 'puter, as next week starts up "earnings" where I am. But I did want to show you guys one of the other fun little photos from that bag I will be using in my Old Man Winter Journal.

I think it's the blue cat that makes it for me, how about you?
I'll also be cannibalizing the image to use on one of my tiles to sell in an Art Fair coming up, if they'll have me... as well as possibly taking it a step further and altering it for a Holiday Card, at T's suggestion.
Kitten will be over today and we're going to have fun fun fun till her daddy takes her T'bird away... or until Don comes to pick her up, anyway.

Jul 11, 2008

What The ..??? TGIF

Hello everyone.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Here is a fabulous, beautiful site http://artistlanikent.blogspot.com/

I want this lovely feast for the eyes and heart to join the others here but for some reason, I cannot get Lani's http to go into my Cool People, Cool Blogs roll -- is it me or is it hot in here?

Seriously, when I first laid my peepers on it, I felt like I had wandered by way of Nina B and Judy Wise and Sharon T into a type Faerieland...
Totally worth a look or two or five, etc.

I am getting out of Dodge tomorrow for a few hours, if not the day; but am already "off the clock" today. Hoorah!

Joe and Pita are back from the Great Semi-White North (i.e., above the Mason-Dixon Line) and T and I are going to go grab a coffee at Fourbucks with them in a couple of minutes. Now I know who to blame when I come up short when the Eagle flies!

Until then, Get more of what you love. And as you all know, I love an old orange cat.

Later, Candace

Jul 10, 2008

Viva La Vida!

Hello everyone,

A few bits to show you today, starting out with an altered image of Frida Kahlo that's going in my summer book.

Viva La Vida is the name of a song from the movie, Frida, by Julie Taymor... gorgeous visuals, gorgeous artwork... not for everyone, maybe, but I was a fan long before she was a pop culture icon -- around here anyway. Sigh... yes, I admit I was watching Jackie Chan on KungFu Theatre late Saturdays in Atlanta, too, when the movies had no subtitles and were in Chinese! LOL. Talk about being ahead of the pop culture curve!

This next bit will also be showing up in one of my journals/books.

Isn't she more than cute? (I have to say I never thought I would be one for cute but more on that below.) And this is from the inside of this economy-sized tote a good friend gave me on Sunday, seen below in all its glory.

The print reads: "Welcome to the Whaaa Whaaa Club!" On the blackboard is "Number 1 Rule, I RULE!" Good for a middle school drama teacher, I'm betting, which is what my friend is. The outside of the bag is good, too and I'll probably have to do something with it, also. The imagery is just too too too...!!!
While I do love the sublime, the beautiful, the ethereal and divine, I have to admit, I grew up in the shadow of the A-Bomb, Elvis Presley, and I Love Lucy. Coming of age in the late '60s, I still love and remember all the retro splendor and kitsch of the '50s and must occasionally pay tribute.

That wraps it up for today! And remember to get more of what you love.

Jul 9, 2008

The Catbird Seat

Hello everyone,

Don't you feel like you're in the catbird seat after a fun, relaxing and quite productive weekend? When all is said and done, that's exactly how I feel.

Whatever Tsar was up to re: the finches and cardinals outside his personal catbird seat, courtesy of T, I was busy with some real work on the Solstice Altered Book. Here are just a few photos. More later, when it's over. Of course, by the time I have it where I want it, it'll be Autumn, no doubt!

One of the first things in the book is this drawing I did. Okay, I didn't do the postage stamp, but ...

Another view... or is it angle? The second one is a little fuzzier, thanks to a light hitting the postage stamp (a little man running while carrying a big red heart. I love hearts and thought placing this on top of the one the girl is holding would be a nice touch.).

Part of the spread you will see below...

Not quite finished. Getting there... a nod to the colours of summer on this spread. Surf and sand and the brilliant colours of the sunrise and sunset. Flowers and birds, fruits and party colours.

Yes, Gentle Reader. By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea... with all those hats and enjoying a nice cappucino.

Monday, T and I went into Atlanta for our respective dental appointments. We stopped by headquarters and managed to not only say Hello to co-worker and friend Jack, our Gleesom Threesome ended up going to possibly my most favourite of restaurants, "Little Szechuan" on Buford Highway. We dished dirt, talked shop and Jack told us about his flowers, etc. He has quite the green thumb, his forte being exotic plants, etc.

Mr. Kong Ku of "Little Szechuan" was so pleased to see T and me again (we've not been in a year!), he treated us all to a big dish of Spicy Crisp Green Beans. Yummy! Xie xie, Mr. Kong!

Life is good. Enjoy!

Later, Candace

Jul 4, 2008

A quiet and happy Fourth

Hello and I am hoping all of you are not having to comfort a quaking fearful dog as the fireworks begin... who would'a thunk an ex-racer would be afraid of what sounds like gunfire -- "and they're OFF!"? Live and learn, I always say...

Pink Lady was done in markers, crayons and coloured pencils. She's going in my art journal... or a copy of her is, to be specific. This one hangs in my "studio". Like "The Pinks", she was for sale once, but I could not -- NOT -- part with her. I felt and still do that she represented a part of myself that was just beginning to blossom... dig those flowers sprouting out of her little punkin head. So now she's "Display Only".

T and I went to visit Claud and eat veggie burgers, razzleberry pie and vanilla ice cream. We had a great time catching up with her and David.

T finally got to try out the chair in the arbor that Claud and David rebuilt. And believe me, that arbor is much bigger than it looks! You could have a formal tea party for six in there. Claud (L) is holding David's rescued Chihuahua, "Scooter". Spoiled rotten! He found this little lady abandoned at a farmhouse near where he was working. I mean, what the --? Of course, now she's perfectly fat and sassy and if there were any problems, she seems over them now. A real clown, that one.

Claud's home and land was/is so magical. You walk thru the landscape and find surprises everywhere like this elephant... a pig family... a pelican... a sweatlodge. There's 20 or more acres and they all have their own look and treasures.

Some red, white and blue for the table for this Sunday's shenanigans.

Have a great weekend! Kitten is over tomorrow and I'm sure we'll manage to get up to something. More on the Fourth on the Sixth... T and I managed to have a couple of roadtrip adventures we weren't expecting.

Jul 1, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Always something going on around here. Playing a little hookey by taking off an hour or so early, and thought I would give you a quick peek at my upcoming book cover (finally decided upon) -- !!!

This is going to be on the cover of my first Altered Book, dedicated to Summer. The Sun. The Solstice. etc etc.

Should be fun.

Happy birthday shoutouts to Kitten and to Nic.