Dec 13, 2007


Tomorrow is my last work day of the year... yup yup yup.

I do have it in My head to possibly work New Year's Eve Day, simply because I will not get paid for it (no more vacation days at that point). But to be or not to be with that dinero? That is the question.

Mmm. I really do need the time. My house needs my attention as does my time waits for no man self. Movies, books, art! Walking around town and having a coffee at my own pace. Sitting in the cafes with my sketch pad or my notebooks. It's like a nice nice drink of cool water when you are really truly parched...

Dec 6, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

Hello again.

Apologies for having gone so far under the radar around September. It's been a really busy few months, believe me.

I have indeed created art and a journal I will share later. For now trust me when I say, I really did enjoy NaNoWriMo ( ) this year. It was my busiest time of year, workwise, and I still managed to do it. I tried last year but that was a colossal bust... because of work and some family illness that is still with the family.

Now, I look at that '06 story as a piece of mummified fruit in the back of my refrigerator. I know I need to just let it go, but I can't quite bring myself to reach in, drag it out and toss it. There were maybe 9,000 words and it was good but -- '07's "Void Where Prohibited" was a real peach. I use a pseudonym for the NaNo work, too. Just saying...

My nephew Brett made it all the way to Japan for American Ninja Warrior. I nearly fell over... it was great watching him. He is a cutie pie but even better, he's a good and kind person as are his brother and sister. T says he made it not ONLY because he's a good athlete, but because of that naturally flowing thick blond hair and eyes -- well, I call Brett "Ol' Blue Eyes" behind everyone's back. He interviews well, looks good, has good humor, and even his dad put in a cameo voiceover. LOL.

As soon as I can get this puter to cooperate, I will definitely DEFINITELY post some of my work. I appreciate those of you who have been kind and supportive enough to contact me to just keep on keeping on.

Later, I promise to catch you all up and myself as well.