Apr 25, 2010

Changing Our Spots

First Look....
Can the leopard change her spots?

Meet Kat Fish. Her two photos show a bit of the work put in her. She's about a foot long.

Yes, as Kitten said, her name is perhaps a little corny but there IS such a creature as a Leopard Fish. So I’ve made the Leopard Fish my first merdoll. And just wait till I do my Lion Fish Merman. Dreadlocks you will not believe. Here she is stuffed almost totally and I am showing what I used to work on her. I put the denim and leopard fabric on felt... 4 sheets/$1 at HL... and glued the leopard skin onto the denim.

Kitten’s doll was quite the winner! We bugged Hobby Lobby for a while, looking at what else could be up re: the doll’s custom wear. This is a first glimpse. Neither of us have what I’d call “finished” works. But I do love this "mod" look Kitten's Long Tall Sally is sporting.

Alas, I did not even get started well on mine until we had Art Shenanigans over. Wild weather plus work, to be exact, plus T had a very rough evening and day healthwise and is still not up to snuff. Errands all day by myself on Sunday do NOT count as a day off.

Not to complain, however! Art Shenanigans is fun, no matter what! PLUS, I learned a new stitch, called the blanket stitch, and got some fun sites to look at as well, including one of my favourites -- which you can check out here. (I have it as Doll, under My Blog List.)

Mimi Kirchner is just fantastic in her work and all around daily philosophy. And I do love her fishies! Being a water sign, I guess I would.

Have a great week, everyone! Say, and what are you reflecting on??? Speaking of which, check out all those reflecting lights around those girls!
Take good care.

Apr 22, 2010

Earth Angels

Of course, you know her. Considered the most famous of paintings, this considered beauty is actually eclipsed by another on several lists.

Yet, almost everyone on our planet knows who she is. Her reputation precedes her. Nat King Cole sang a song about her. There’s a movie with her name, a British film about a mysterious woman who brings a man to ruin… of course. (What else are mysterious women good for, if not that? Yawn…)

And then there is “Flaming June”. My most favourite of Victorian paintings could not be sold, even for a mere pittance -- $160.00 (!!!) -- in the Swinging Sixties. The style had fallen out of favour so no one wanted her or anything like her. She now resides in the Ponce Museum of Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As they say: Priceless.

I saw her up close and personal when I visited my brother and s-i-l a few years ago. She’s considered THE painting of Puerto Rico. I think she should be considered for the painting of Earth Herself.

And say, I wonder who sings about this little earth angel?
Take care!
Candace, Still in Athens.

Apr 18, 2010

More Fun With Reflections

Hello everyone!

After a furiously fast and busy Saturday, I was ready for Sunday Reflections and found a fun subject with glassware at The Royal Peasant, my local pub, while T shopped at Earthfare.

My own happy glass of Blackthorn cider… giving me pause to reflect on the past week, as well as "drowning my sorrows" over losing glasses of a very different sort. Yep. I sure did. My prescription glasses are gone, baby, gone -- somewhere between the door and the car. A time portal nabbed them, no doubt.

But all is not doom and gloom in the Classic City. Earlier today, while visiting Athens Antiques, I found this beauty still there. I first saw her sitting all by her lonesome last summer. Never did I think she would still be waiting for someone to claim her, name her and take her away…

But there she was and away her carefully packaged self went, home to 235, keeping company with a couple of cigar box treasures.

Just look at Romeo y Juliet. That's artwork, isn't it? And the wood is perfect.

Below is a shot of the teacup and saucer T had to have. (Almost as bad as I am.)

A trio of very old dolls I named The Gleesome Threesome… and yes, of course, they’ve seen better days, but think about it.
Haven’t we all?

And now, The Shape of Things To Come -- no, not the movie! Some templates Kitten gave me on her last visit. She is such a great friend to me. We have a good bond, especially over art and life in general. But say, I wonder what she’s hinting at this time?

I already have bits and pieces started up. Colours have been chosen. Fabrics are in place. I hope to have three of these li'l darlings finished this time next week -- one, a plain old Lovely Lady (okay, I guess if you have a fish tail you can't be too plain); the second, a hinged piece; and the third, a multimedia darling.

Take good care!

Apr 11, 2010


Hello Everyone! I'm taking Sunday as an opportunity to reflect on this past week, month, whatever... and using it as a springboard for some fun shots like the ones below.

Like, the April Art Tree in the living room window at the opposite end of the house..

And then another photo, where I zoomed in and just as I snapped the shot, I coughed.

(I think I like this one better, though ... )

And my little birdhouse waits patiently for its transformation, reflecting on the piano Miss Jeanne left with me before moving to Merrie Olde. Hopefully there will be another visit with her soon....

Kitten came over Friday for some fun, a catch up and a gabfest. I finished up the April Hat... say, dig the antenna on the old bug here. Ha, it's actually the handles from a used but still brightly coloured Old Navy bag.

We also made a quick run to Michael's to pop it up a bit more with fabric flowers for extra texture and colour. The little blocks of flowers and birds are from old Coldwater Creek catalogs. The tiny butterfly is Compliments of Kitten.

And speaking of extra, those flowers not used on the "hat", made it onto the April Tree ... more than A Rites of Spring Tree, believe me. Hope you enjoy some of the shots I took.

I love the colours this season especially. Such lush pinks and scandalously bright yellows and those blues just won't sit down and behave! The little bird in the center of the next photo is actually on the cover of an egg shaped box... I might have to fill up THAT particular goody and let it fly away to a friend in need of good cheer.

BUT it's already time to starting thinking past April Showers (we've had one in 11 days so far) and get crackin' on those May Flowers for the Merry Month of May Day Tree.

What are YOU reflecting on as the new week rolls up?

Take care!
Candace, Still in Athens!

Apr 8, 2010

Ear Buds

And now, heeeerrrre's Kitten! (Applause) Gosh, it was so good to see her Sunday. I feel like it's been forever since we got together for GirlTime and Art Days.

Shown here modeling what every fashionista will be wearing this year... and she made them herself from felt. I have to have some!

She not only looks good, she can listen to whatever her heart desires while doing whatever needs doin' -- like More Art Shenanigans at My House Friday!

Another view above of the objets d'art.

Take care! I'll be back Sunday.

Apr 4, 2010


Spring to you. We have had great weather which has put everyone in great moods.

Miss Bun is enjoying the season

while I continue to enjoy what she's bringing along in the basket!
This is about three feet from my upper back deck. A MONTH ago, these were bare branches with snow. Amazing how they just keep coming back every year...

Went to a wonderful event with plenty o’ steampunk shenanigans -- including real Victorian Easter Egg Hunts complete with egg races with spoons on the lawn. Steampunk is a lot of fun but as T says, "sticking a gear in it and wearing funny round glasses doesn't make it steampunk". We saw quite a few aficianados like us who are into this fun phenomenon.
This guy came all the way from TAMPA to join in the fun.


Mrs. Cynthia McCloud, local author and lecturer and she makes a good cup of tea, too! Managed to get to a meet and greet she was sponsoring for a big steampunk convention. It was just nice to sit and chat.
I hope you enjoyed a few of the photos I managed to snap while getting (Steam) Punk’d. Say, guess who came for a visit when I returned to the Classic City?
Tune in this week for some ART Shenanigans.
Hasta la pasta!