Sep 30, 2008

NOT the Littlest Mermaid

Hello Everyone! And it's October FIRST. Geez!

This is a work in progress and needless to say, this is NOT the Littlest Mermaid. Folks seem to have forgotten that once upon a time, mermaids were considered not so lovely and to be avoided. Like sirens only without the Greek Chorus... I have already added more depth to the image and have bubbles coming from her mouth... working on different types of sea monsters, triggered by the art challenge of ArtFest '09. This won't be my submission. This is more for fun and practice.

Before we have the rest of the tour today, I have a friend everyone calls Miss Jayn who, without fail at some point in late September when the weather and feel was right, would come for a visit. Upon stepping onto the porch, she would stop, breathe deep and say: "Smell that? HALLOWEEN!"

She was always right. The air would be crisper, the leaves overnight having turned colourfully red and golden, the faerie beds in the yard more noticeable. Geese were on the wing and groups of deer were restless in the back as chipmunks and squirrels laid in goodies for the oncoming winter. We would go from cold fruit soups and salads to stews and bowls of chili, with cheese biscuits and hot drinks of cider or cocoa.
That's what's happening here now. Almost within 24 hours, we've gone from sleeveless to sleeves. And last week, I did put on a turtleneck one morning as it was 58F and drizzling.

This is what Jayn does now. I mean, basically, she runs the show at this Grand Guignol. A dream come true for that little goblin.

And here is a little witch "in progress" which I am hoping to put on a card for three other little goblins I know, my older -- and only -- sister's grandchildren. I might just have to have a "limited edition" and send this one out to more than just one addy during this magical season and time. Sorry that it's a bit dark.

Fun stuff abounds hereabouts during this month. The troupe at Canopy, and their upcoming shows all look like must-sees, and hopefully T and I will make the one below.

It promises to be a presentation of athletic grace and strength and has a quality of eerie beauty. T takes yoga from these folks at this studio and it's an incredibly huge warehouse, lovely people. Ropes, soft hammocky rests, bars and things. And of course, the inevitable world beat music.

Hoohoo.... now, back to scary monsters, kids. What's playing at the Athens Library Thursday, October 30th? On a big in-your-face screen, not that safe little television in the bedroom where you can cuddle up to someone or eat your little bowl of popcorn is none other than the 1919 classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

You know I'm going! I consider it my sacrosanct duty to scare or be scared.

So -- Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Later, Candace

Sep 26, 2008

Crowned Heads

Hello Everyone!
Before we start our tour today, below is a photo of a rather large painting by a local artist... we found it at The Blue Marley Cafe here. T, Leon and I had a great time there. Hard to believe it was exactly a week ago all that was going on. Her other works were equally colourful and fun, but this is a tip of the hat to ArtFest '09. Oh you know why!!! Don't you?

To the left is A Satisfied Customer (L) and Melin (R).

Her business and booth is Melin's Designs. At the Farmers Market, she has a booth selling hats and caps, all handmade with American made and sold fabrics. They are all gorgeous. And FUN!

A soft cool day here today... rain promised but little follow up. My front yard has all sorts of towering colorful flowers and such... I love just seeing them.
"I don't know how I do it..." In progress.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown..." -- Thank you, William. In progress...

"The Rainbow's Heart" aka The Clown Princess -- yes, I do love redheads! She has a different type crown, doesn't she?

The Baboon Queen -- in progress, obviously.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour today... all sorts of stuff going on, big and small.

Sep 22, 2008

The Party's Over...

... or is it?

Hello everyone!

Here we have my personal Calvin and Hobbes -- Kitty Boy and Leon -- admiring each other's style...

The party never stops here in Athens and not just because it's a university town. But we did have a small "party" Saturday evening at "Wiggins Hollow", as Joe calls it. Long-time friend and raconteur Leon very kindly purchased a wonderful single malt whisky and a very nice bottle of La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot which was quaffed while watching "American Gangster", later talking well into the night about myriad events, snippets of gossip, art, politics, music, travels (Amsterdam, Here We Come -- one day, and depending on how things shake out, sooner maybe than we'd planned. Just kidding -- but have you registered to vote? Do it to it, babe!).

It was over too soon, trust me. Thursday till Sunday... flew by!

As always, the Athens Farmers Market was wonderful early Saturday, with the laid back atmosphere and the cool air, the obvious turning of the wheel of the year towards Fall. EVERYONE lined up for the coffee which I've mentioned in an earlier post. And as I mentioned in an earlier post... a few of Les Artistes!

Stephanie and her amazing Pysanky work/jewelry. I bought a gorgeous pair of hamsa earrings, (or as I used to say, Hamas, sorry! Talk about a tongue tangle. -- then Kitten said, "uh. No, Miss Lady."). My earrings are tiny, and are turquoise on black. Small, small, small... pretty, pretty, pretty!

This is "how she does it", to repeat that little note... and if you look closely, voila! Indeed, you see "one" shell being taken through the entire process of Pysanky. I adore this woman and her artwork.

And of course, she keeps the Pysanky Eggs tradition alive and well here in Athens ... she had an ostrich egg that was fantastic!

I could have just stood in front of her booth alllllll day. She had that much, seriously, that I would not have been finished with goggling.

Saxophone Jones below (Stephanie's husband, Mike) and his fabu folk art (metals and woods, found objects). There is one I really really want -- a Day of the Dead figure whose chest opens to reveal the perfect little place for a shrine. (I couldn't get close to Mike. He was being lovebombed by artistic types every time I went by his spot. LOL.)
FYI: The one I want is in the next to the top row, fourth fella from the left, the skeleton on a red block which is then "resting" on a polished wooden plank.
And last but certainly not least, below is a shot of Ansley and her wonderful Songbird Soaps and products. I lob money her way every couple of weeks for one of her gentle soaps (lavender comes to mind) or such. They are -- as is she -- wonderful and sweet.

More Athens Farmers Folks later.

And now, to wrap this up, check back Friday for a peek at a few works in progress... cross your fingers! I have no idea where these gals are taking me but wherever it is, I am sure I need to go.

Get More of What You Love.

Sep 16, 2008

Signs & Wonders and Vacation

Hello Everyone! Signing off till Sunday... so have a great rest of the week and weekend. And it's WEDNESDAY, Sep 17. What is up with this day late, dollar short calendar?

Just a piece in my sketchbook that I have been working on. Signs & Wonders is destined for a journal. Don't know that you can see the text, but that's okay.
Work lately is mostly all line drawings coloured in with coloured pencils or watercolour pencils. A couple have some fun things on them, sticker crowns and such like Signs & Wonders, as I get used to multidimensions (like I would ever have trouble with that!) -- and then I lay them aside to work on them even more later to keep layering in more art more beauty more information I need to dispense to viewers and self. I owe a lot to Teesha Moore.
Today was a soft, cool, moist day. No sun in Athens, just a low, silvery sky. I wore jeans and a light cotton turtleneck when I went out to have coffee with Joe ... today was definitely a turning point. Once I put up my neck, Autumn inevitably knocks on the door. Unlike Summer's light parcels, She brings a suitcase and a carry on bag.
And Winter brings a steamer trunk, in case you've forgotten.
Get More of What You Love.
Candace (Back Next Week!)

Sep 15, 2008

Good News For Modern G.R.I.T.S.*

Hello everyone!

My ArtFest 09 registration and info came in the mail today and wow, am I ever excited. Since I have never been to the Pacific Northwest before and I have wanted to go long before Nirvana made it tragically hip, and now that I am going, to an event I have wanted to make for almost two years, well, I am simply beside myself.

Upon hearing the news, Molly Brown fainted with joy. Okay, she's just sleeping really. But she could tell there was real excitement and joy in Mudville today.

Hope all is well where you are. And if it isn't well, I pray and trust it soon will be.

Get More of What You Love.
*Girls Raised In The South

Sep 13, 2008

Rose Madder

Hello Everyone!
This is my process here of Rose, only this gal here is Rose, Even Madder (smirk). The woman herself is drawn using only the One Line. Tricky, tricky. I love doing it. I think it's a good discipline, as I've said, and it really makes me focus on the drawing, on my work, my art, the figure... everything except failure and other people's nagging voices about how "wrong" my art is... you put music on while doing this. Whoohoo. Beauty. No beast.

And yes, I drew her using red and black ink. Go figure. I was just having fun, experimenting.

The other, the "real" Rose Madder was executed using the same old, same old I love doing. A line drawing, coloured pencils, and then today I thought I would just lay down some beadwork and the next time you see her Rose Madder will have undergone the Full EyeCandy Treatment, too. These women, how fortunate. And it's FREE for them, too! LOL.

I am thinking of totally beading this piece, her hair, her dress, the roses, and leave only her face staring out with those glass green eyes. We'll see. Sorry you can't see the beads any better. The light hits just right. Coowee! Beautiful. Headturningly beautiful, this girl.

Back Sunday. Maybe Monday. Big adventures this weekend, an entire passel of girls will be here having fun tomorrow. Farmers Market, piano accompaniement for a solo voice lesson. And $5 gas! Oh yes, life is good. Let's hope it gets better.

For My peeps in probable harm's way, I hope and pray you are all right tonight, that tomorrow brings the sun and its goodness to you all.

Get More of What You Love,

Sep 10, 2008

Pilgrim's Progress

Hello Everyone! It's a beautiful THURSDAY evening here. My calendar is a bit off on this blogland clock.

DogGirl is coming along pretty well... she gets her new home and name (Thanks to Velvet Ginger!) this weekend in an art journal which seems pretty happy she's coming to stay...

As is often the case, I rendered this in coloured pencils, and then laid down some fairy dust, bits of return address labels for good measure, and a layer of gesso around her. Presto Chango.... !

This seems to be a common theme in my line drawings. And other work, admittedly. The solitary girl (woman) and the one animal.

DogGirl isn't finished just yet, but I will show you the completed product soon, I hope. Now that I have started, I see how much more I have to go until she's ready to "leave home" -- haha.

Check you all Sunday and until then,

Get More of You Know What,

Sing, Oh Muse!

Recognize those words? From The Odyssey as well as "O Brother Where Art Thou," someone's Muse is definitely giving some shoutouts around Athens... how appropriate.

Hello everyone!

I am evidently going on a personal odyssey of My own. Line drawings have called to me recently, as they always have, always do and always will. I have gone back to a blast from the past journal I have (literally, I have hundreds of these line drawings. T says thousands, but I think that's an exaggeration.) and am moving forward again on it.

While these two images may seem like a dearth of materials here, they are undergoing transformations as you read these words. Sorry, about MercuryGirl's lips. They look more whited out than silver, tsk.

On MY wish list is a Panasonic digital. But I digress.

DogGirl's face is rendered by using a favourite technique I learned from one of my favorite contemporary artists, Duncan Regehr. In his book "Dragon's Eye" he discusses -- very briefly -- learning to use one line for a single drawing. Yep. You put the pen or pencil or whathaveyou down and you do not pick it up until done.

I have lots of these drawings and it does take a bit of work but it's fun -- and it can be beautiful, weird, extreme, sedate. It's up to you and how far you are willing to take that one unbroken line and yourself.

The next time you see these girls, they will have undergone The EyeCandy Treatment. Let's just hope I haven't undergone theirs. With a name like DogGirl, I'm not quite sure I would be happy.

On a more colourful note, I heard from Teesha Moore, and evidently, I will indeed be goin' to ArtFest '09!


Get More of What You Love,

Sep 6, 2008


"The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face." -- William Thackeray

Something to remember during this transition into Autumn, which is not coming soon enough to suit some of us and seriously, as we view our own personal view of ourselves and what we hold dear or what we deem important in our private world.

Hello Everyone!

Victorian Gazing Glass has always been a favourite of mine and I finally sprung for one last week. These once upon a time must-haves still fascinate me, and were considered magical by some (and still are by others, ahem!). When the morning sun came across my tiered yard this morning, its reflected light so brilliant it was blinding, it was simply impossible to get a decent photo.

And I did indeed join the Suzi Blu Church. What a gal. Check her out here if you're new to this or if you simply need a quick boost. Okay I'm back. Yep, I just had a quick dose of Suzi and am all the better for it.

And while I think most of us know about Mrs. G's Man Cake over at Derfwad Manor, here is some Man Cake of a different sort from Jeanne at One Day At A Time. And the flowers she has posted there are so lovely and sweet. All these flowers and the fruits (and vegetables) of others' farming labors -- something is definitely going on over there in the Northwest.

Coming up this weekend, Art Shenanigans with Kitten and Kiki. That sounds like a lounge act, doesn't we? Well, just you wait till you see this girl group, trust me.

Until then, Get More of What You Love!

Sep 4, 2008

Ah, The Mighty Javablu Award

Hello Everyone!

Is it because of the fall of the year, the dying of the light that we tuck into life more than ever? Well, doh! That tree has even more red and yellow on it today. I kid thee not. Lookatit! At the edge, softly red, hints of yellow and up in the higher branches, a splash of orange.

As promised, here is (almost word for word) the rules for the Javablu Awards from Denise at Bless This Mess.

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 5 other blogs. (Thanks for that "at least", Denise. Key phrase.)
4. Before listing the nominees give a brief reason why you chose them.
5. Put links of those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated.

I wish I could tap *all* of you who have made a difference to me and my journey, you all mean a lot to me and, indeed, myriad things to me. And I wish there was a way to say what Denise said so well about the awards given out to the peeps she chose without basically repeating her, practically word for word.

Well, let me try. You have indeed made a difference -- in some cases, a very big difference -- in my life and I daresay others' lives -- art and otherwise -- and I do think of you as fellow travellers on this big, beautiful, blue marble we are on together. Some of these blogs I read for pure joy and entertainment, but there are some I read and actually learn from about a technique, a journal’s beginnings and recyclings, and some are just fun glimpses of shenanigans in general. Families and feasts and vacations in places known and unknown and just general fooling around.
(Not THAT kind of fooling around -- although some little derfwad might think so!)

And more than a couple of you have inspired and encouraged me to spread my little dodo wings and fly fly fly!

Okay, okay, I did more than five. So sue me. It was a tough row to hoe. And yes, now I know that even successful artists we admire have an off day, that my fears and wonderment are often theirs as well, and we have more in common than not. And that if it's not fun, don't do it. Odd how folks forget that.

Get More of What You Love.



Sep 3, 2008

Wow, I am so surprised!

I swear the dogwood tree was all green yesterday! I guess today we were finally given notice that really, truly Summer '08 is packing up her bags and soon trundling off to even greener pastures -- New Zealand or Australia, maybe. Or Alaska...

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, class, we will discuss The Javablu Award from Denise. See that nifty little logo over there to the right?
That's it.

Denise has got a fabu blog here or over there (the "Cools") under Bless This Mess. (Mmm... wonder what that means, really??) Check it and the Javablu Award Rules pronto. She tapped me for the Javablu Award and now, it's my turn to tap five folks, link them here for your reading and visual pleasure and who knows what else?

Here's a piece of art I did Saturday night/Sunday morning for an art journal I pull out occasionally. There are some folks who have a problem with my size -- always have, always will, I guess. Here is a quick coloured pencil sketch called "Inside Every Thin Girl is a Fat Girl Trying to Get Out." When T, Melody and others of That Old Gang of Mine first met me, fresh out of college, I weighed 85.

Yes. Pounds. T said if she had had a dollar for every time someone asked her if I was anorexic, like Annie Lennox says, she would have had a pile of money to her chin, her chin, her chin...

The words around Thin Girl are things people have said to yours truly. Don't tell me that you or other people would love to have this "problem". It's not a problem and no, you/they wouldn't. The words on Fat Girl Trying To Get Out are simple. "Shut Up" over and over again and "Please" over and over again.

So, this is how I deal with "tough stuff", so to speak. I draw it out and look at it and process it. I don't even think about it, really, it just pours out of me like some potion. And I get a pretty good beginning to a journal page too!

And now, for something completely different! I am signing out now to go register for Artfest '09 ! HooHOOOOO!


Sep 2, 2008

Fun Stuff

Hello Everyone!

I now have a new teeny tiny laptop. To show you just how teeny tiny, here is a photo of the laptop with T's hand for reference. Hoohoo!

This means I am truly mobile and I could not be happier... altho I am indeed typing this on what feels like a HUGE desktop now. But really it isn't.

Okay, show and tell is over. In a couple of weeks, Appaloosa opens with Viggo Mortensen (if I were Mrs. G, I would say "My Secret Boyfriend No. 1"), and Ed Harris. Cowboys... the true American Mythos. Along with baseball and jazz.

Get more of what you love.

Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day

As always, Kitty Boy has picked the perfect resting spot. Which just happens to be T's head... what the -- ? He's asleep and so is she. Go figure.

-- and the GOP just announced VP pick Sarah Palin's 17 year old
unmarried daughter is preggers. How ironic...!
We also have word that ANY DAY now, Michelle and Chris's little Devon should make his way into Our World and Welcome To It.

So, that's the windup and here's the pitch.

Check out this little gem of a book, courtesy of my friend Kitten. She has thrown down the gauntlet, and I will be revamping this baby in the (near, very near) future. Looks like a job for SuperCandy and it will be a bit different the next time you see it!

I didn't get a photo of hers and it is just grand with all sorts of beading and copper wiring. Maybe next time.

I'm also working on some more of my watercolour tea party series. They look better up close and personal than they do here. The ladies' hats are actually cups and saucers.

Kitten and I are planning an actual tea party and as T has THREE new hats (including a gorgeous top hat) and I have two, Kitten said maybe it should be The Mad Hatters Tea party. Mmm... maybe she's trying to tell me something. LOL.

Saturday, she showed me how to make real kefir, not that glorified yoghurt in plastic jugs in the stores, and she showed me how to make cheese as well, and to top all this off, we had some great homemade lemon cookies too, with lemon filling. Y.U.M. Then we watched a bit of Mad Men.

Well, overall, as you can probably tell, the weekend was just incredible. I will be going into more detail later in the week about what was up Saturday at Athens Farmers Market. But, long story short, on Saturday, T needed a break so before Kitten came over, we went to the Farmers Market and just had a blast. The last Sat of each month, the regulars show but so do the arts and crafts folks. I will show off lots of photos of these folks' art shenanigans as well links to their sites.

Just lovely, impressive work anyone would be happy with and proud of.

Until next time, Get More of What You Love!