May 31, 2008

Last May Day

Hello everyone. Wow, is this year whizzing by or is it me?

It's been a wild week at home and at work. When zeroing in on art journaling, I realized I have always journaled, I've always drawn or whathaveyou in any communique with anyone, even letters. Doh! However, this new dimension I am experimenting with is fascinating to Yours Very Truly what with the multimedia. A couple of friends have told me "You'll love it." I know I will. I also can't wait to compare the work here on the blog to get some feedback.

T prefers the plain minimalism of the line drawings I do. Others enjoy the multimedia and/or paintings. We'll see.

Here is a nice couple, called "The Pinks", from the paper days. It was to be sold but I pulled it from the show at the last minute.

Let's not forget "Big Red". She's due for an update and you'll be the first to see her in a couple of weeks. She's acrylic on canvas... the frame is just a plain old, plain old for now. THAT is what will be updated. I was very proud of the "wooden floor" when I did this. I had studied an artist's similar work a couple years ago and tried and tested and finally managed to make it look more floor than oh, let's say, a rough comb-out of treebark. LOL.

And here, sitting in judgement over my every move, artwise or otherwise, is He On High. He was still fuming mad over spending the holiday weekend, boarded at the vet's.

But he got over it... have a good Junebug.


May 21, 2008

Checking In

Happy Day.

Trying something with the journaling I recently began -- my mom always called it "scribbling" not journaling. Funny how language changes. Now people "have a dialogue" instead of talks or discussions. I admit it, though. I found Teesha Moore's website (WOW) and am about to springboard into a new experience, just as an experiment, see where this new road takes me.

Slowly, surely, like squeezing blood from a turnip, I am trying new things alongside old things I have found to be tried and true for me. Like 140 lb. white paper -- large -- cut in half so I can sew them together and into an old shell of a book I found. Oh yes, I still have all those composition books too. Don't forget, line drawings, coloured papers, crayons. Or is it crayoning?

Oh and my lovely lovely mineral powders Kitten introduced me to. That was da bomb, as they used to say. I have both series now. Yummy.

I suppose I prefer lines as I still think of them for writing, of course. I could always draw anywhere. I was thrilled a few years ago when I discovered notebooks with lines on one side of the paper and cool blank serenity on the other just waiting for my handiwork... Yes, I even illustrated my docs and theses in college. Boy, did those docs and profs eat it up... LOL! Anyway, I will be showing the results next week, probably Memorial Day.

Will be taking off very early Friday for Edisto Island SC to go to the nephew's wedding Saturday. My dress -- can you believe that? I bought a dress for the first time in quite a long time so you know I mean business -- is so Audrey Hepburn, it's quite scary. I should get gloves to finish the ensemble. (snicker...)

A couple of people have asked to see the whole kit and kaboodle Animalympics Team I have here with me in Athens. So enjoy. And they're from top to bottom, the newest to the oldest.

Molly Brown, the ex-racing champ (who is doing a LOT better); Bess, our Go-To Personal Assistant; Kitty Boy, the creamsicle love of my life and Tsar, thrown from a BMW into my yard. Go figure that one out, if you can. I can't.


May 19, 2008

Did you ever have

one of those days? I've had a couple of years like that now. Well, okay, I am exaggerating but only a little. This old line drawing (lots of spirals, eh?) shows how I feel today. Is it a letdown from the weekend? Always possible, altho being with friends is infinitely preferable to being with a load of paperwork, lol.
The art and the writing go slowly. I always feel I have so much new to learn and hands on is usually done alone, this weekend being an exception. I don't compare myself or my art to that of others, although the temptation is a definite pull. That simply drives people nutty. We are all so different, yet this love of art and beauty and nature always the commonality.
Yesterday, Sunday, was a busy day. A lot to do in less than a week's time. The wedding looms (less than a week, Saturday Jon is married!), the dog is on medications, friends coming and going and goodbyeing and helloing... and I am just wanting to lie down and have a little nap.
Work at a standstill because someone is not prepared on the other end.

May 18, 2008

Another Funday

Isn't it funny how you just click with a person? I have to say that Kitten and I behave like we've known each other for years in many ways. I learned so much today and of course didn't take nearly enough photos... with her permission, however... here are some photos of her working her own brand of magic re: ATCs, jewelry (tiny wooden tiles she turns into very lovely pieces!), and other wonderful things.

Kitten's main mantra is basically "I love to play." She loves miniatures and she loves experimenting. She's a real deal finder as well and has hipped me to some great things that I either had long forgotten about or wasn't aware of. So while we didn't have as long as we'd hoped to get together and play around with our art, we had a grand time of it and I learned a lot and just had a great time in general.

I'm going to finish some ATCs that Kitten started ("your mission, should you decide to accept it") and next time we will be working with copper coil! Fantastic! Now that I have some cool mineral powders (two great tastes that taste great together, to coin a phrase, as these beauties are useful for art AND for makeup), I "went to town", so to speak, and experimented heavily on a piece, starting with a photocopy of a photograph of yours truly.

The one I did is the shot here in black and white. I gessoed the back of the photo and the front of the canvas and then pressed the copy down, working the air pockets and bubbles out as I pressed it down and gessoed it all over yet again.

The effect was a bit garish at first when I painted it over with acrylics. ("WOW, that is really ORANGE!" -- Kitten) But I found that when I watered it down, it took a lot of that pancake makeup effect out.

It now looks like a retouched photograph that's been damaged or is so old that its colours are all separating. Now it simply looks ghoulish -- except for the butterfly ball I am working on around the figure. Well, that works for me, for now!

Did some fun work for an art journal I am starting called "WINGING IT..." using the metallic powders and the Liquid Glass. FUN! Sharing the opening bit of it here, as well. Sorry for that dark spot... there was a cat, you see...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


May 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

The photos I am sharing are a friend's very gorgeous airbrush of Hera. You've possibly -- if not probably -- seen Lisa's work and don't know it. Go here.

I met Lisa when I worked at Crest Art Binders in Atlanta. It was like meeting a faerie from a Brian Froud book. Definitely talented, shy and self-effacing.

Also my favourite earrings. I made jewelry for a while and having these makes me want to do it again... all the time. I find it soothing and settling to make things like this. No, I did not make these. I wish!

Thank the Immortals the work week is over and I can get on with my real life again. Kitten will be here tomorrow and who knows what is going to happen??? I do know I am trying out some techniques found in a Somerset recently. There is a Hobby Lobby within 5 minutes of the Batcave as is a Michael's, as is a Barnes & Noble. So I picked up some fun canvases, two fer types, and replenished the gesso, and some of my paints. The Kinko's is a tad farther down the road here being 7 minutes away.

Kitten's bringing her camera and, of course, some very fun stuff. Yes, we are both sorely tired of -- as she put it so well -- "artisting alone". That's one of the things I have noticed around these parts, as I mentioned in the Craftstravaganzaa post, artists do tend to work alone, it's simply the nature of the beast. But everyone here seems so scattered geographically.

Now for the down news. Tickets for the London Trip are SOOOO outrageous right now, I am waiting for a "closer to" date. For one thing, altho oil/gas may not go down, tourism probably will. As a matter of fact, it's already being noted by friends in the industry. For another thing, I'm traveling in November, an "off season" for most Americans and their ilk. I know, I know taking a chance on those "last minute" deals can be a little horsey but I am sooo willing to ride!

One week from today is the trip to Edisto, SC for the big wedding deal. On the beach... what to wear besides a Mojito and a towel? Gee, if this was all I ever had to worry about, I'd be ahead of the rat race by far.

Later. Enjoy your weekend.


May 13, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

Oh how I love this suncatcher I received from Joe and Pita. It's hanging up in my LR window and is a constant source of not only color but complete happiness. So unexpected and so perfect. I once worked in glass art; and I do love it still. But it's not what I am up to now.

This cardboard piece is called "The Least of My Brethren" and is one of the largest I had done when I started working again in a more primitive, "get out of the box" style when I know I had to go back to art -- or just lay down and curl up my toes. The quote is an admonition that no matter what one's belief system, it's one most people can relate to and understand. The cat was the original bad boy of the world ginger we had and boy, was he loved. And do I ever miss him, oddly enough as he not only was not mine, really, but he barely tolerated my being in the same county as himself, let alone the same room.

At that time all I worked with was a bucket of color markers, crayons and coloured pencils. And pens of course. Oh yeah and cardboard or just plain old paper! LOL. I still do a lot of my first drafts and sketches with the pens and/or coloured pencils. This piece one is completely flat, with none of the usual dimension, or texture. That's for later. Yes, this one is being revisited.

Speaking of revisiting, the black and white pictured here is being worked on now. You will definitely get to see it in all its glory in about a week or so. No name yet... and sorry, I cut the top of her carrot "halo" off a bit. She's sitting on a tree stump, of course, holding a rabbit. (Rabbits are a favourite subject matter as are foxes and the orange cats. And birds. Oh no, let's not forget those little darlings.) Her name: Our Lady of The Lagomorphs.

Later, Candace

May 11, 2008

The Door To CandyLand

This door goes to where??? When I moved here, it was just there. Seriously, so I made up this story that this is a door to a special place, an alternate universe where I can just go through undetected to wherever I need to be to have and get what I need and want and require. (That's a back view of Home.)

It's in my back yard, solidly just there. No explanation. Steve says it's always been here. I think it needs some decorations...

And Happy Mother's Day to those of you who are moms, grandmas, etc. It wasn't in the cards for me but as the Danish proverb goes: Life doesn't consist in holding a good hand of cards but in playing a poor hand well.
I was happy for the partial solo weekend. I had a good nap but then stayed up till 3 AM -- !!! -- working on a couple of projects for My and Kitten's art day coming up soon, sooner, soonest. There isn't a studio to speak of. How envious I am of those with "real" studios! Sigh...
The spoons (in one of my last year's "cloth paper scissors") will be finished Friday, as will the art journal and another project, a miniature shrine. I am making the shrine from scratch and am taking photos of the process for those who are interested or have any advice, etc.
Take care.

May 10, 2008

Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa

Hello All!

On the way to downtown Athens for brunch I just HAPPENED to see a lot of stuff going on. This Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa was something I had not heard of and it was evidently tee-tiny last year. It was great and as it is only in its second year (Mother's Day AND Graduation weekend -- how crazed is that??? Artists! Sheesh!), you can actually meet and greet. One lovely artist, Ruth Allen, took me almost literally by the hand and introduced me to Serra Ferguson, the organizer and chief everything (she looks 15 if a day but I know that can't be true. Can it?). Lots of food and drinks (free) for a dollar donation and tons of fun, live music, sizzling art and wonderful people.

It was already viciously humid and hot but I met several folks and talked to a great gal from Atlanta named Sara Hindmore (I hope that's right), who also makes books, etc. We discussed her possibly coming to Athens sometime to hold a day long workshop on that and "other". I will keep everyone posted. I am so excited about this... like where have these folks been? Two or three artists said, "We are so scattered." Mmm... I should feel right at home then.
The poster was just a gorgeous little work of love. Unless I misunderstood, the tree is this very cool, happening art festival's Logo. Hopefully you can read all the fun goings on. T and I wanted to just kick ourselves that we hadn't known about this! But next year, there's going to be a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. I see a booth in my future...

The other photo, well, what can I say? I needed a nice place to hang up some roses while they dry so that I can do something with them other than just let them hang around the kitchen and take pictures of them. And the cats obviously didn't mind -- yeah, its a little dark. This camera is just like a computer or an Old Testament god... lots of rules and no mercy, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell.


May 8, 2008

A Real Redhead

Will the REAL Woody Woodpecker please stand up? Sorry you can't see him any better than this. We get all kinds here. Taken from six feet away thru a screen with the Kodak Easy Share. At least he didn't fly off as soon as I appeared in the window frame. And if you look not at the top of his head but just behind that wicked pointy bill and just in front of his eyes, yes indeedy, you can spot the telltale red. I would love to be able to get a photo of the nuthatches.

Speaking of flying, T and I are flying out of here in November. Like I said, we're doing T'Day in Britsville with Miss Jeanne. It's never too early to plan on a good vacation, if you ask me. I have two days off -- one, in two weeks for a wedding, and another in -- oops! brainfart! -- before the REAL deal of a week in London UK. Yep, I get the tix tomorrow.
Amazingly enough, despite the new mergers, escalating fuel prices and whathaveyou, they will only cost me an arm as opposed to an arm and a leg.
Kitten tells me she experimented on some dark burgundy roses and that -- oh well -- after 20 minutes, the burgundies turned a deep teal green. I think we should all talk about our not so great works of art as well as our greats, sometimes. I asked her if she had taken a photo. If so, maybe I can talk her into sharing it.
Big Hug to all My Peeps,

May 6, 2008

Late Tuesday PM

This is what I live for -- the nature of art and art in nature. Vice versa and round and round. Here is also a series of pix I took the first really great sunny day last week starting out with Yours Truly -- sort of.

Some of these florals were gifts from birds, no doubt. Other wildlife scattered other bits and pieces of neighbors' or strangers' gardens all over my back yard, front yard, side yards and other secret places. The birds flock to the feeder constantly, even the woodpeckers. The geese and crows are around as well, and there is a hawk that I see and or hear. Alas, no foxes this year but we have plenty of deer.

Oddly enough, however, no fawns this year. Two years now we have had the Fawn Dawn of Spring Parade where the mothers and aunts come through the entire back 40, slowly and elegantly, with their babies. Spine-tingling yet so serene. Life goes on.

But not this time. Plenty of does. But no bucks. And no fawns. The neighborhood is changing...


An Aside

Yep. That's Chelsea Clinton on the left. Yep. That's my niece on the right, Miss Mathematics Herself, Laney. Now I have no idea where they were, how they met, whathaveyou.

No matter how one feels about the political arena one of these young ladies comes from, this is the future... not all will be blue eyed blondes. But some will be. Not all will have good teeth and shining futures. But some will. Not all will be the girl next door and next door won't always be Pennsylvania Avenue. But some will.

Heck, the future won't even all be girls. But there will be a LOT of them.

Look lively. Here it comes. Closer and closer. And some will be artists...! Hooray!



May 5, 2008

Artists Bearing Gifts

Hello there, all. I cannot do justice to Kitten's work so here is the link so you can all see for yourselves this amazing delicate work. Her works practically glow from within and she has graciously agreed to allow me to photograph her going through the entire process one day.

This is the link to her blog. (BTW, Kitten is her nickname, her real handle is on the site! So go and find out! Lol...)
Wow, this woman is really something -- and there are these miniatures she does as well! Knowing that reading and writing is a very big deal to me, she showed up with a gift today. And here is a photo of it...

It is a book! She did everything. Doesn't it look like she found a little faerie book? Well, she made this little faerie book. She sewed in the teeny tiny pages too. And like everything faerie, it is being taken very good care of, coming in its very own little faerie book bank. I meant to get photos of her today but that will have to wait. Gosh, too much going on! This book isn't as big as one of my fingers. Absolutely mindboggling in its execution.

On a serious note, I had a boutof vertigo while visiting with Kitten and a couple other friends. It worried a couple of them and T had to go grab the pills. Embarrassing? A little, but aggravating? A lot!
The beautiful weather we are having here is surpassed only by the pollen. Everything looks like it has a fine layer of gold green dust on it.

May 4, 2008


Hello! Is that Goody Goody Giveaway photo great or what? It's from Michelle Allen's fantastic Goody Goody Giveaway. I have a link to her blog right over there in the right hand column (Michelle My Belle). Get over there and when you arrive you are going to want to sign up for a chance to win these too cool items. She gives you three ways to win, and as they say, third time's the charm. Thanks Michelle!

(Michelle's daughter has a really wonderful blog as well and I visit it almost as much as I do Michelle's -- daily!) .

It's 5AM. I must be totally insane. Company tomorrow at 2PM and you would think ...!!! but not me, take my word for it. My house is more or less taken care of but I am taking a break from arting around. I have this great idea for two triptychs I am going to be working on -- so needless to say, I am stoked!

Mmm... wonder if I'll fall asleep in the middle of an "ore durve"?

Have a good one.


May 3, 2008

May Day and Beyond

So here is another older piece (I promise I am showing new stuff soon!). This is called "The Quilt". Again paper and color put down on another colored paper background before framing. Ooo.... in the new Artful Blogging is an article about Paper Art. FABulous! I had pieces this intricate as well but guess what? Remember that post I made about selling my paper goods and not having photos of them... yep. sigh... a lesson hard earned. I think I have photos, so if photos of photos work, I will put them all in a slide show.

How fortunate I feel to have a new face time friend who is into the same types art I am. We connected immediately upon meeting and are getting together tomorrow just to visit, along with some other friends, too. Social butterflying this weekend, rather than just "arting around". Faye's birthday was today. Wonderful wonderful time, plus Michelle and Chris showed. (Michelle, Tia and I all work with Tony. Tony married Faye last September, a marriage made in Faerieland, believe you me. They are just two lovely and magical people.) While Tia, Joe and Pita are my constant friends and pals, it is nice to have made these other connections as well as strengthen the bonds of Pal-dom I felt with Michelle. Michelle is one of the few folks who knows about my art, and my writing. (She is so smart she really should wear a seat belt around her head so her brain doesn't pop out like an air bag!)

Michelle's baby bump is showing now and she looks fantastic but tires easily. Classes are over for Tia this week before she starts up another session. AND I have started a nice little ATC for Miss Jeanne! VERY London heavy. I will show that off soon enough.

I have been remiss about posting this week. No. 1, work is incredibly b.u.s.y. And secondly, it hs been good to simply read Judy Wise's blog about the fantastic workshop she attended in Carmel. Check out her blog. Nina Bagley should be well on her way to Oz by now. Her blog, Ornamental, posted on the right here as well is worth checking out. She says she will be checking in occasionally. What a wonderful opportunity for us all to see this through the eyes of someone as talented and generous as Nina!
And on that note --
Hasta la Pasta!