Jan 31, 2010

Arthouse -- Part 2

Hello Again! Yesterday, I gave you a peek at the (now travelling) Arthouse Sketchbook Project 4: Library from Atlanta, Georgia, before it goes to Brooklyn and beyond, ending up finally in the Smithsonian Museum -- somewhere.

While that show was the point of my trip there and back again, another fun and phantasmagoric exhibit was taking place. Called “Chair”, Arthouse Cooperative had sounded the call to do whatever the artists wanted to do with the word and its concept – or construct, as the case may be.

So here are my favourites from "Chair". Hopefully, you can click on the image for a larger view and catch the artist’s name and country of origin. Some were unavailable, for some reason... mmm.

I love black eyed susans. And these just set off the photo with the sheer brilliance of their colour.

Below is Old Sparky from Florida. Can you see the skulls and ghostly faces?

This reads: "Child Of World War II". A hint of the housing developments going up everywhere at the time is just behind the girl. Maybe it was moving day... but, in or out? Was her dad home from the war? Was her mom one of the many Rosie the Riveters, making a new life for herself and her girl? So many possibilities are in this simple black and white photo.

My all-time favourite. What it means, I have no idea and really don’t care. I love sheep and this particular piece made me laugh...
The next two shots are shining examples of this throw-away society we're saddled with now.

Is this gorgeous or what? There was no name or country on this one.

And this cut out from Lucia Serrano of Portugal was such fun. That blue dazzled the eye!

Next to the sheep trio, I liked this one best. The composition and colours were so eyecatching and vibrant.

These chairs had to be shot from a weird angle to work. They lined the rather expansive window sill and weren't even as big as my index finger. I like miniatures and these were super fine.

Say, tomorrow is 1 February. It's time to starting thinking about Valentines!
Have one on me!

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Candace, Still In Athens.

Jan 30, 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project 4: Library

Hello there! Yes, I did indeed manage to get into Atlanta during some rather cold raw weather to check out the last day of The Arthouse Sketchbook Project --

not to mention the last days of The Arthouse Cooperative itself. The gallery is moving to Brooklyn NY pronto! No kidding, in a couple of weeks they have their grand opening, along with the Sketchbook Project.

I snapped this poignant little shot of the gallery's logo, which reads: "and then go north for 896 miles. Thanks for everything, Atlanta!"

Shane said I was the ONLY person who asked about it and took a photo. I think people were just too down in the mouth about losing them... they've done such fun, good things with and for artists -- not just from Atlanta but it seems everywhere on Earth that knows about them.
I tell you -- there's not much sadder sight than a gallery being packed up. But until that time, let's have a PARTY!

The Arthouse Cooperative is/was at 309 Peters Street in downtown Atlanta. I don't know who that clown is.... some poser.

This is the "official poster" for Sketchbook Project 4.

Here are the "how to do this" lists. You had to check out the books (which had their own cards) on Friday night so none would be misplaced or uh -- ahem -- take a walk.

Below are the themes for this year's project, in no particular order.

This fine lad is Shane His Own Self -- one of the owners/proprietors -- looking for Anne Gaal's and Sarah Wallis's sketchbooks for T and me.

Anne Gaal's Sketchbook Project: The Elephant in the Room.

And Sarah Wallis's Sketchbook Project: Outside of Myself.

FYI, Anne's and Sarah's were two of the very few -- as in a handful -- of artists who dressed up the outsides of their sketchbooks. Most folks either left them alone or did as I did (mine is hiding behind Sarah's there) and only added a small bit or put a drawing on the cover.
But as you can see from their works, they totally CHANGED the outside of the journal. Which caused a bit of chatter... good going, girls!

T checked out the entire group of "Outside of Myself", before perusing all of "The Elephant in the Room" stash. We then looked over the theme of "It's Not Easy Being Green" (yours truly) and an intriguing group of sketchbooks with the theme of "Monster".

All in all, there were 2700 books. No way could I have gone through them all even if I had been there for both days. I also took shots of another project going on quietly in the background called "Chair". That's what you see on the walls in some of these here photos. More on those in my next post along with other -- dare I say it? -- eyecandy! smirk...
Michelle and Devon showed up, which was so so appreciated. The way the weather was, I didn't expect anyone really, but sure enough, there was a small but steady stream of patrons. By the way, Devon's favourite Sketchbook Project was Anne's. He loves elephants and had the best time quietly checking out the pages as Mom turned them.

I told Shane "Next year, I'll make Brooklyn for Project 5." He seemed totally stoked over that and asked, "Do you think those other ladies will come, too?" Yeah, how about it, Anne and Sarah? Can you imagine what our Gleesome Threesome could do?
About that tree...! Remember, I was leaving the ol' Holly Jolly Christmas tree up and celebrating everything possible on it this year. Sort of my own "arthouse project".

This is the beginnings of the Valentine Tree. More on that Sunday, 14 February -- which is ALSO Chinese New Year this time out the gate. I suppose I should look for a paper tiger for a topper! And let's not forget Mardi Gras!
Take care, everyone.

Jan 12, 2010

Artists - Journaling in January

Hello everyone.

This week, I joined the first Journaling in January 'task' and am picking and/or making art in the style of 7 artists who have influenced me or who people say my work is like, for whatever reason. Tonight I am showing you one of them for the 300th post. The rest will be in a journal and shared Saturday or Sunday... just in time for the next week's task!

I picked Egon Schiele (pronounced SHEE-la) -- here is one of his pieces. And below it is mine. He saw and knew of war, disease, starvation firsthand and what people did, like it or not, to survive. Some of his artwork is considered grotesque and there is often a(n uncomfortable) sexuality to some of these pieces.

Well, we still have those unpleasant things he showed the world in his art. That is what I consider grotesque, not the art itself. I like beauty in my art and in my life, who doesn't? But now and then comes a photo, a painting, or song lyrics or a book that just stops you in your tracks and makes you think: why is this still going on?

Often Egon Schiele did line drawings, black and white or with some colour, as I do. Often, there is no real background, his subjects just hang in space commanding you to look at them and nothing else. I like that. I like that he was contrary and eccentric and had a big shock of wild hair and lived his life and art like he really did have something to say.
I also have some work over on my Sketchbook Project blog you may (or may not) like. Check it out!

Take care!

Jan 9, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Hello Everyone!

Yes, it really did snow altho we did not get pounded as so many other places did. Here's a tee tiny bit of ice on my upper deck. Look hard, you'll see it. We also sported an inch of powder which managed to hang on through most of the day. My mom would have really stressed over her baby girl not having every inch of skin covered up in 12F weather. I wasn't wearing a jacket either!!!

Say, my next post will be the big 300. And while I do wish it was THIS 300 (speaking of every inch of skin being covered up!), I guess that's impossible unless I crawl into a time machine.

All I can tell you is how I appreciate all you Kids in Blogovia. In two cases I've actually met a couple of My Art Shenanigan Peeps -- the MOST surprising being from my hometown. The farthest I've gone was to the UK, admittedly to primarily visit a coworker who'd moved there from Atlanta -- but since I was there anyway... gee, why not?
And I do so vow to make the next 300 (deep breath) better than the last 300.
Starting Monday evening, every night this next week I will make some type artwork that is all about the artist(s) that influenced me or that I am attempting to 'copy'. The next week of Jan will have me trying out all sorts of supplies for artworks and pieces. And of course, the last week of the month will be, as stated before, all about ICONOGRAPHY.
So drop in when you can! You are always more than welcome.

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Jan 6, 2010

Journaling In January

Hi Everybody!

They're getting serious about the snow around here. Schools have already been called off in Atlanta in advance of the impending apocalypse as it juggernauts towards us. We haven't had a snow yet as the winter is still young -- not even a month old by anyone's guesstimation. However, last March's snowstorm, as you may recall, caught everyone by surprise.

From Misty Mawn’s site comes "Journaling in January". Go here to see what I will be doing, along with Misty and others. For the first week , I am choosing Kahlo and Beardsley, as is Misty, coincidentally -- as well as Regehr, Schiele, Modigliani, Burne-Jones, and Klimt.

I treated myself to one post holiday shopping item and am so happy with this comprehensive Stamping book I found at B&N and on the cheap. Should be fun and I will keep you all posted on any projects with those. The info may very well come in handy with the Journaling in January project.

This illustration is Ex Libris and is the first illustration in My Sketchbook Journal.

Note: I have to think back a long, long way to remember a time when my sister in law was not in my family. She called today to inform me that a first cousin -- whom many were close to in this large, extended family I have -- has died. He had been quite ill for a long while, and yesterday, he suffered a massive coronary which he just could not stand against. While being one of the youngest in such a big family isn’t without its perks, it does come with watching not only the rise but the inevitable decline of those who once seemed so invincible and bigger than Life itself.

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Candace, still in Athens.

Jan 4, 2010

Heads Up!

Hi Everybody!

Starting January 5th, I'll be posting the artwork that's in My Sketchbook Project for The Art House Co-operative on My Other Blog -- Candace In Athens. This arts organization was originally located in Atlanta but is pulling up stakes for Brooklyn in February. The first showing of My Sketchbook will be in Atlanta in January! They then go to Brooklyn for two shows, on my birthday weekend -- WOW, would I love to go then and there! -- and then on to Chicago and Los Angeles and who knows where else? This is just what I remember for now.

But enjoy the sneak peek for now.

I'm so excited to go to Atlanta and see not only my own "Little Sketchbook That Could" but those of friends such as Sarah Wallis and Anne Gaal, along with others I probably don't even remember or know about! Yahoo!

I am also leaving the Tree up. I know, I know -- that old saw about bad luck, but the Christmas Shenanigans are down Jan 6 (Epiphany or Greek Christmas). Along with the Paper Hats Collection I'm having this year, I'm decorating the Tree for changing seasons and holidays this year that come throughout the months. I love to make and hang things -- gizmos and handmade/homemade stuff, baubles and bling -- and want to have another photo every month to show how this project is going. I think it's just going to be F.U.N.!

And yes, Barbie gave me the idea. So she really is good for some things rather than just beign a pretty face!

What else am I doing? Preparing for SNOW Thursday. Up to three inches. There's another Atlanta trip to make Saturday, so I am crossing my fingers that it's just the powdery stuff that disappears pronto!
What are YOU doing, Kids?

Jan 1, 2010

A List of (Non) Resolutions

Hello Everyone!
While waiting to start "Journaling in January" with Misty Mawn, I want to share a couple of things with You Peeps.

I was listening to Joni Mitchell's song, "Little Green" while I made this art and laid some plans out. Hopefully they won't follow those of the mice and men in Robert Burns's poem "To A Mouse" but will come to good fortunes!

First, I am making new lists. Lists of non resolutions. Resolutions are just too tough sometimes. They have a sense of "or else" in there. So I am making NONs for 2010 -- the new year which is the gateway to a new decade. Wish me luck.
And my main NON for 2010 is to set aside those things that did not (or that no longer) work for Me and My Life, artwise and otherwise, as I move forward in this brand new time, as I travel onward to finding those things that do work. Like Art Days with Kitten --

and to kick it off today, party hats galore for Kitten and me (more like crowns, eh?)! Our first Art Day of 2010. Thanks to Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist for her words of inspiration, fun and derringdo.

We had a ball. I can't state it any plainer than that.

It is My Fervent Hope to make a hat each month to go along with what the month is associated with... mmmm. January is associated with New Year's so I had a festive look back at some things that went or did NOT go... as well as looking forward to new beginnings, new hopes, plans, dreams, projects.

Sugarplums notwithstanding, visions of new and completely doable fun projects are dancing in my head as I type. The next Art Day Kitten and Candy Project is that we plan to make our own paperclay from scratch when we get together. Film at 11.

Speaking of film at 11, it's now 18F here as we inch towards the Midnight Hour, the wind chill even more bitter than usual as an Alberta Clipper comes through. I think how good it is to have this fellow here in a comfortable and comforting place, as he waits patiently for the evening to wind down and for me to come upstairs and give him my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, which is his just due. Okay, let me restate that -- which he believes is his just due.

For Kitty Boy, however, this new year is like any other year, especially when he adds me to his personal mix. Food and treats, lots of head kisses, naps on the bed, a little fussing, and a lot of pampering. His only NON might be no vets ever again -- but other than this total improbability, things are fine just the way they're shaking out right here and now with him.

To be honest -- with me, too. Take care!