Nov 30, 2009

Last One In Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

A short post tonight. From now (November 30) till December 10, whoever leaves a comment is put into the "Last One In Giveaway". Say, a couple of you have told me you did not receive your giveaways. What the --??

This is exactly how I feel about this news.

If you are one of those, please please let me know! I have plenty of things here and you must absolutely must receive your prez. Who knows what's going on at the Athens (or any other) post office? I have just sent off Sarah's and Anairam's replacements ... Anyone else? Don't be shy!

Here's my Art Shenanigans Table, covered in all the jetsam and flotsam as I prepare to make something I've not tackled before. Can you tell what it is?

A book. Yep. A fold-out dealie with more gizmos to be shown as it develops. (This is NOT the Giveaway, by the way.)

I've already learned to leave well enough alone the hard way tonight... if it ain't broke, don't fix it! This homily applies to so many things besides Art Shenanigans, too, doesn't it? Speaking of If It Ain't Broke...

here are some drawings which I am leaving alone for now. The backgrounds are all chosen and I am indeed sawing one in half for a different type doll (no voodoo involved in the making of these dolls!).

These heads will be given lovely holiday frocks -- or choir robes, whichever comes first.

Hope you are well and having a great great time as the holidays are upon us all now.
Enjoy them to the fullest and get more of what you love.

Nov 26, 2009

A Feast

For the eyes as well as the appetite.

T put this centerpiece together PRONTO while I set the table. The little squashes had been bought at the last Farmers Market and into a basket with some front yard greenery they went.

Add a tablecloth, some home cooking, and presto chango! It's Thanksgiving in the Classic City.

We pulled out the stops this year with the “good” china, crystal water glasses, and more than enough food for the two of us as we waited for T’s brother, Steve and his lovely wife Olivia, to join us for our yearly moviefest.
And let me tell you, Kitty Boy knows how to plead a case when a bird is involved.
He turns his nose up at coffee, no matter how it's served. Oh well, no accounting for taste.

It was the first T’Day we have ever had without traveling so it was really nice to just chill… speaking of chill, it’s dipped down into the 30s here in the Classic City and there were even a couple of snow flurries where S&O live.
We saw this,
which was fun, and later, back at home base, Steve presented T with a birthday gift – sometimes belated is the best kind, too! We all talked about how, when we were kids, we thought The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was just it.

Art Shenanigans found me working on Paper Ladies… here is one now.

When 100% finished, this real pop princess will go in or on a card with some bright colours. Or maybe even on the tree which goes up tomorrow. I’m earlier than usual with decorations this year. (As Johnny Mathis sings, “We Need A Little Christmas Right This Very Minute.” Yes we do.)
Ready for her closeup...

I’m in the mood to have some holiday fun as I finish cards and such, all rarin' to wing their respective ways to their respective peeps. And while it’s hard to get up and going when what you really want to do is relaaaaaxxxx -- up and going, here I come! I’m sure I’ll see many of you there, too.

Take care.
Candace in Athens.

Nov 21, 2009


Hello Everyone!

What?! No road trip?

No, nothing more than a friendly reminder that whatever curveball you are thrown, to just do your best. After all, Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.

An announcement that I will be back next weekend after the Holiday on Thursday. My dad's condition nosedived this Friday just past and right now, I have a full plate. I will share this little doodly philosophy with you --

She has definitely left the building in the Classic City, the last Indian Summer days come and gone, a brace in the air as we leave early mornings or come in after the sun goes down. That or the wet gray November that is a big part of a typical Georgia winter.

Soon Mother Nature herself will be in sleep mode here as we settle down and give a big sigh -- or in some cases, hold our breath. Some folks like to think Persephone's annual leavetaking of her mother is the reason we have autumn and winter. Don't fall for that New Age stuff.
It's about Demeter. Always has been. Always will be.

Have a great holiday, here in the States and elsewhere -- a good good week.

Nov 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, T!

Well, obviously, the colours of this particular day were parti-coloured.

Hello Everyone!

There's nothing like deciding at the very last minute to go on another road trip! Today was the Athens Farmers Market last call for 2009 and somehow we went from there to Easley, South Carolina AGAIN. See those two bums on the corner?

I was so tempted to call Autumn, believe me, but thought I would spare her a contemporary version of The Ransom of Red Chief!

All I can say is, that Xyron is my new best friend. So yes indeed, as it was T's Birthday -- 14 November, Xyron earned his keep. Here's a peak at the partially finished altered card done for the occasion with the help of said Xyron. Inside is the happy b'day stuff.... this is just a peek at the first alterings goin' on.
(I think Ian McShane is fo' shizzle and his turn as Disraeli was excellent. As both of us are enamoured of the Steam Punk movement, this was a shout out to a couple of things. And be advised, this photo was taken of the card in progress.)
The Solstice Sisters performed at the last of this season's Farmers Market. T bought two of their CDs. They are wonderful songbirds and quite renowned. If you click on their name, you can hear some of their music. Look close, you'll see our typical love offerings for our musicians.

More treasures.

Boy, did I really want this one!

This glass art plus glass jewelry is made by Susan Staley, the blonde member of The Solstice Sisters. So much creativity, it makes my brain freeze.

Once we hit SC, we kidnapped Leon who was only too happy to go along for the birthday ride. For some reason, teacups and their accompanying saucers were the order of the day for T ---

who would NOT admit that this footed set had more than a touch of pink. "It's lavender, Candy." "T, you my dog, but sorry, it's pink." We have now decided it's mauve.... another type PINK.

The set below is my personal b'day present, honouring T's Greek heritage. This authentic Greek set, made in the ORIGINAL Classic City, was nestled on a little shelf at a great place called "Uncle Sam's Antiques and Collectibles" in Easley. The saucer has the Pantheon while the cup sports scenes from Perseus and Medusa's meeting, the Sirens and Odysseus.

Look at this gorgeous cameo, followed by the Victorian dress and hat it enhanced. (sorry it's a bit fuzzed out here.)

"Mmm, not my size."

And now, the goat T just had to have! We all fell over laughing. Goats are big with us, featured in the Tatterhood fairytales we are so fond of.

We ate -- at JOE's! Okay, okay, Leon didn't. He just sat there and told hilarious stories while we stuffed our faces. Joe's has been in biz for 37 years and has served millions of hot dogs, burgers, and tons of ice cream. I don't know why Guy Fieri has not scooped them up for one of his special episodes on FoodTV.

If this place had been open, we would have gone there. Bleu Voodoo Grill. Can't wait.

Remember my aversion to rushing the season? What the...???? But it's a lovely window display.

So then, since it was dark and the shops were closed, we took Leon home and after a cup of his fine, fine, superfine coffee, we headed out and down the road where we found out that Athens was still here, waiting for us, waiting for the end of the road for T's birthday.

Okay, Kids! Tune in next weekend for some ART SHENANIGANS -- an altered doohickey. And a new Paper Lady Brigade whatchamacallit. And a Jewelry thingamabob. And more WHATNOTS!

Get More of What and Who You Love.

Nov 12, 2009

But I Just Got Here

That's what I told Autumn when our time together came to an end.

Hello Everyone!

First, are these guys a hoot or what? They can be found along with other fun and artsy things at Spruill Gallery in Atlanta through December.

I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving here in the good old US of A and already retailers are pushing the Big Kahuna down our throats. I hate to tell you this but I saw Valentines in the back of one store the other day. And Christmas HiJinks were already in the stores before Halloween this time around... sigh.

Yet another reason to buy handmade and join in with Buy Nothing Day this year on November 27th (US) and November 28th (RoW).

Okay, okay, on to the fun stuff. First, Mother Nature put on a big production for the trip there and back.

I was so excited about meeting and visiting yet another blogster art friend. Last year around this same time, I was hopped up about going to London to see a friend for Thanksgiving PLUS meeting Sarah Wallis of Circles of Rain.

Although Thomas Wolfe said "You Can't Go Home Again," I think we can but it sure can be and often is very different. Be open and accepting and try not to laugh and cry at the same time. I mean, it was a very contained world. There was work. Church. School.

And this place....

What was it? I never could get a straight answer from my folks. And my Uncle James, who was a member, never talked about it. Ever.

Say, I don't remember any free-range rhinocerous in anyone's front yard when I lived here. Just sayin'...

A series of shots follow. Autumn was kind enough to say yes when I asked if I could take and share some photos of her studio and a couple of art pieces, altered books and whatnots (What does that word mean? Who thought it up?). She has met Michael de Meng! I nearly fell over.

Just SOME of her stamps.

None of these photos do justice to the vibrancy and colour of Autumn's work.

This Altered Sewing Kit was great! All sorts of treasures inside.

I had a great time with this little darling and will try something similar. Autumn showed me the how-to's.

We had a good time, and found that we have a lot in common as well as differences. Autumn gave such great tips on a couple of things I've been struggling with and when she showed me her Xyron... well, you know how THAT ended (see previous post).

We are going to stay in touch and get together when we can. Like me, she has an art friend. But unlike me, she has more than one. There is a thriving art community up there now. Which thrills me to no end.

I think this is ART SHENANIGANS as a baby! Tee tiny thing, just perfectly done.

And, if you ever go there or even near there, trust me. Eat at Joe's.
Take care, everyone, and get more of what you love.

Nov 9, 2009

A New Toy!

Hello Everyone!
A short note tonight.

Using my handy dandy 50% off coupon, I managed to snag one of these at Michaels. It's a Xyron, the smallest they have at the 2.5 mark but very sufficient for what is needed/wanted.

Autumn (on the right below) has one and of course, I'd read about and seen them, but she showed me how easy peasy it is when I recently visited her.

Speaking of Autumn, her site is just great and she is a great fun and crafty artist. Her studio was like being on another world to me. (And she makes a great cup of coffee!) More later on the fun we had! Two "Palmetto" girls -- you just can't beat that.

So, back home with the new toy, thinking I would start out a bit higgledy piggledy, I realized I'm a pretty quick learner. Come back this weekend for a tour of my visit with My Peeps and a fun birthday party! Yep, T didn't get enough of having a birthday last year so it's happening again this year!
Get More of What You Love.

Nov 6, 2009


Quick, which is really yellow? The butter or the corn?

Hello everyone!

Weather changes. Seasons. People. Fashions. What doesn't change, really, except our moral core? And I read things that make me wonder if even that is up for grabs once in a while!

There's a saying that "The only constant is change."

Churchill said that there is "nothing wrong with change if it's in the right direction."

Just doodling around, I find I am going in new directions, wanting to experiment, explore. Show some of the things I usually just keep to myself...

But you know the song, I'm sure. One day, just like every day, everything is the same.

And suddenly you turn a corner and there it is.

Blooming all over the place, threatening to overtake everything around you, even you ... then you realize, it's not a threat.

It's a promise.
Take care!