Mar 26, 2008

We Gather Together -- For Now

Okay, this is not a just done photo. As a matter of fact, it was the day before I bought those red gloves at Coldwater -- back in February!

This is at five & ten in Athens, a wonderful place with great food and a pleasant staff. But Michelle and I decided we still prefer The Last Resort. Yowsa... Michelle and Chris (Extreme Left -- and I mean that in the nicest way) are such wonderful people and friends; Chris makes me scream out loud laughing sometimes -- and then there is April in the middle, Michelle's friend and former college roommate (think that's right), as visiting from Phoenix. We badgered our waiter to take the photo and fortunately, Miss Tia had arrived by then, so she's in the shot too at the far right (nothing could be further from the truth).
Her new black and white scarf is bunched around her neck. Like I said, it was COLD. But the company and the food was just great!

I look simply thrilled to be alive, don't I? Despite the fact that I wrap myself in swaddling clothes of my ubiquitous black, there is so much to be grateful about. Now if Miss Jeanne had been in the photo, even better... she has no idea how much she is missed and not just by my own self.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown aka The Couch Potato

Here she is in all her newfound glory. Six years old, ex-racing champ, and finally relaxed enough to enjoy her new life only 18 months after the fact! Go figure. (She must have been treated really not so great.)

So yeah, I am hanging on to her. She is a truly great dog, idiosyncratic like any living creature is, but those soulful eyes! To die for.

So hope this photo turns out. If it works, really works, THIS TIME, I will know I have finally done something rightski.

Mar 25, 2008


Well, some things change and others fortunately do not. How wonderful that the wheel continues to turn no matter what happens or does not happen. Molly Brown is indeed still here, as Jeanne settles in in London, and T is still a straight A student (Hooyah!), and I just finished a small series of Tea Party Portraits... basically self portraits or almost sp's in various garbs with upside down saucers and cups for the hats. Ha!

TMJ is not for sissies. The jaw splint I am wearing looks like a plank in my mouth, no more no less! But no more constant pain. Losing 7 pounds is fine but not like this! LOL...

Am reading "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. It won the Pulitzer for Fiction last year I believe, and is now being made into a movie with the lusciously rangy Viggo Mortensen. It's considered an allegory by some, a suspense by others, still again horror by another group of "experts".

Getting a new camera soon and won't THAT be fo' shizzle? Then, perhaps I can get my fotos up once and for all.

Hoping this new season finds all well and healthy and happy.