Jul 24, 2010


"Darling, we are growing old. Silver threads among the gold..."

Why my mother sang that to me when I was a child, I was never sure until now. Maybe it was to hip me to the fact that life is ever moving, ever changing, and it's happening right now, baby! Heaven knows I need occasional reminders, because even when you think you're really in the thick of it, sometimes you're just not. And while it can be jarring, it can also be extraordinarily pleasing.

I don't remember the moment I realized Linda Evans was in our family to stay, that my only and older brother had brought a bride into the inner circle of what I considered Candyland. To paraphrase Shakespeare, I only know as I told her today, "I couldn't have done better if I'd picked you myself."

Then... circa 70s, already some time after the fact --

... and now as seen below. A fine wine Linda is showing off (not that I got any!), along with a gorgeous coverlet with an embroidered 50 and accompanying quote... flowers! And Sis sneaked in a sweet glass globe from my parents' OWN 50th anniversary, which was well received and unexpected. Their presence is very much missed and yet very much evident.

Friends and relatives from near and far gathered. There were gifts, funny stories, sweet stories -- unrepeatable ones, too! -- and an enveloping joy that comes from sticking it out... seeing it through... learning together... and reaping the rewards.
Almost all of which were in attendance today! Too many photos and too many folks to include, but you can see some below...

Look close and you will see Linda's sister Cindy, whom has always been there, too. Grandsons Andy and Luke – say,
recognize that painting?
Nephew Jonathan and his Brooke. It seems like just last week I was in Edisto watching them get hitched. And visiting the Serpentarium! But it's been over two years now. Whew... that was fast!

Next we see Linda Version 3 in the form of super duper granddaughter Laney along with her groom, Beau. Marriage agrees with them, too. They’ve had good examples, I believe. (EDITOR'S NOTE: It's Bo, not Beau.)

The food was good while it lasted. That cake was as divine as it looked! Linda's daughter Diana (Laney's mom) seen here had a friend make it, based on plate designs Linda has. Great job and a totally personal touch. I told someone, "I made Diana's life a living hell when we were growing up." But she not only kept on loving me, she kept on coming BACK!!!

And now, for something completely different...

A Face In the Crowd. Some sneak peeks, maybe?
And this guy... well, so far so good. He's my first attempt in a while at a Guy guy sketch. Guys are a little tougher for me. All those angles and jawlines... you'll see him again soon. Finished. (or maybe that will be me...)

Yep, I am entering the Arthouse Cooperative's Sketchbook Project 2011. Cross your fingers!
And take care, Kids. It's 99F here today. Heat index, 109. APOCALYPTIC.
Candace in Athens.

Jul 18, 2010

Hot Fun In The Summertime

Yep. It's still hot -- and bound to get worse as Dog Days are upon us, only with violent, daily T’storms since last week. Can't leave well enough alone, can She?

And then I go out and this greets me.

What the --?! It’s not even August, yet some things look like they're busy packing up !

But not Art Shenanigans!
Kitten and I had a ball as always today, wrapping 28 gauge copper wire around tee tiny beads. She was pretty patient, especially when she taught me about making funtastic paper beads.

Yes, I needed toothpicks. Yes, I needed glue. Yes, I needed a cake of styrofoam. (and a shot of whiskey by the time I was done.)

These fabric beads by Kitten just amazed me. They don't even feel like cloth once they're rolled up and set with fabric glue. Earrings? Yes. Necklaces? Yes. Art Journals? If you have to ask this question, you already know the answer.
What's even better is I learned old scraps for both the fabric as well as the paper can be recycled to make these. The paper should be a bit thicker, however. And I know lots of peeps hold on to ALL their Stampington mags, but uh... anyway, that's the type thickness the paper should be for the beads. Enough said. For now.

Below are some more finished projects/products. Kitten’s beadwork always looks polished and professional – look at this bird’s nest! (I can't believe I didn't take a photo of her bracelet. duh...!)

We thought my very first bird’s nest looked more like a hornet’s nest. HA! But that's fine, isn't it? Kitten said that’s pretty much how hers looked at first, too, but that the second one was perfectly fine, like she’d always done them, more or less. One just has to get used to working with one's hands and not only working with new materials, but working the actual materials. Just jump in.
So I did... and I have to admit, I ended up pretty happy with it. Kitten popped it onto a ribbon, and voila!

And now I'm cheerfully confident that I can manage all sorts of fun items and pronto! Perhaps I should do a “Crow’s Nest”, filled with all sorts of shiny!

Speaking of shiny, T and I took a road trip to downtown Atlanta Saturday and ended up with a gang of friends here.

Inside, it's a different atmosphere entirely. AKA, The Laughing Skull, The Vortex is fun, is almost always crowded, and has delicious food at pretty cheap prices. What more could I ask for?

Okay, I admit it... I had to have a shot of this. Forget the whiskey.

Hope you have a shot of fun this week, too.

Take care.
Candace in Athens.

Jul 13, 2010

Worlds Within Worlds


After two+ weeks of High Noon temps, even past sundown, rain came through just after midnight Sunday. And then a steady rain again late last night. And then this very afternoon, a T'storm with wind and torrential downpour ... alas, turning my little neck of the woods into a Turkish bath. But at least the plants, the crops, the flowers, the animals had a break from that sullen eye in the sky.

Between snapshots out my window and back door, the temporary respite proved good for more artistic endeavours as you will see later... perhaps this next photo should be in the "Sunday Reflections" I sometimes do! Not only is there a mirror image of the bistro set, but even the canopy of trees can be seen.

The Weather Channel SAID a cold front had moved out and that this is what helped us to have precipitation. A cold front! Oh yeah? Well, it was 96 Fahrenheit at 4PM in The Classic City, Bub. I have to wear cotton duds or my clothes will melt right off... how can it be cold in the midst of such heat? I know, I know... don't take it literally.

Say, what is it about the colour yellow that keeps sneaking in here? Is it just my subconscious acting up, trying to make sense from seeing that cheerful sunny hue at the start of each morning quickly turn into a fiery furnace?

And what is it about the circle? Also referred to as a sphere, is it the lure of that most common of geometric designs, seen in all cultures throughout time? Is it the science geek in me? The shape of our (known) worlds, even that environment where we all begin is spherical -- am I simply reaching out these days, to connect all the dots (also round)? Mmmm....
How I love to just put pen and pencil to paper and let these Lovely Ladies out to play, come rain or shine.
Take care, the rest of you lovelies.

Jul 12, 2010


Hello Everyone!

This is another new "Lovely Lady" ... and a closeup, this time, not one of the smaller ones I've started up. You will see her twice here, before ...

... and after I took pen and pencil to her.

Such different looks on the same piece of paper. It always astonishes me.

On a recent day trip, T and I went up to the North Georgia mountains, and stopped here for starters. I had to -- the sign was too alluring. But that's another story for another time.

Take care!
Candace, Still in Athens.

Jul 10, 2010

From Nowhere

Images come bubbling up from nowhere sometimes.

Sometimes they flash across your mind from a near faded memory... or a brilliantly remembered moment when you were somewhere else... or even someone else.

Sometimes they drop in from a dream

or a piece of music or even a conversation you were part of that made Art Shenanigans prick up those ears!

And all you can do is turn the blog back on and share.
Take care.
Candace, Still Thankfully in Athens.

Jul 7, 2010

Lovely Lady Brigade


Here's a lovely lady (Victorian, it seems) who will be made of (mostly) paper... WIP. I'm making a series of them for this year. Who knows, they may wind up on my Art Tree! They might end up in a magazine. (oh do tell! But first, cross your fingers.) I hope to place her against a little 3-D steampunkery for fun.

These Lovely Ladies are small and sweet, and some are for folks in and around my life -- all of them, too, "just as sweet as pie", as we say in the Deep South.

Speaking of the Deep South, I am thinking of Denise (So. Africa), whose mother needs our very kindest thoughts... as does she. Go say hello, won't you? You may blame all the tomfoolery on me. And I am thinking of all you Yanks who may be caught up in the Sun's mighty fierce heatwave this year.

Take care, everyone, wherever you are.

Candace, Still in Athens.

Jul 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

My Art Tree for the month of July reflects the ol' Red, White and Blue right down to the flowers (all reds, whites and blues) as well as the Barbies -- in variations on those same colours. Oh, okay, one of the Barbies is in a tuxedo... that's another story for another time.

Hello Everyone!

Isn't it funny how this trio of colour runs so deep for so many? Not just for us Yanks but our "cousins" across The Pond with their Union Jack -- and farther on, Viva la France! Same colours. The British colonies of New Zealand and Australia, countries in their own right, show the triage as well as the stars and stripes.

Long may they wave.

And here's the Red, White and Blue Trifle I made for today's holiday bash... YUMMO. Folks gobbled it right up.
See you next week, Peeps! I'm having a Hot Fun in the Summertime Art Shenanigan Day with Kitten. Whew... finally our paths cross again. And it's always a blessing, believe me.

Take care.
Candace, Still in Athens.