Dec 31, 2010


Art Shenanigans to everybody!

Just as Sarah popped into my head today around 3PM ET, I wondered how close to New Year's she was... and now I see she has sent me a Happy New Year well ahead of time. Well, ahead of MY time, not hers, I wager. Jeanne popped into my head today, too, as I thought for a sickening moment later in the afternoon that the scarf I'd "won" from her a winter or so ago had been stupidly lost ... sigh. But no. A miracle! Yes, it is safe and sound and on its little hook hiding beneath my heavy denim jacket.

Basically I've been housebound during holidays due to a back injury, driving or even riding in a car more than I could handle -- mmmm. Lortab causes all sorts of things to melt away into a sort of golden cloud. I will be more than happy to get back into the swing of things, workwise and otherwise.

Was 2010 a good year, a bad year or both? For myself, the depths as well as heights were reached but that's life, isn't it? Or is it, really? Do we accept shortcomings and or what we believe are limitations or do we keep on keeping on, determined to reach not so much the top of the heap but the best of what we believe is in our own selves?

Colour will be splashed onto these little pen and ink drawings later. But for now, enjoy them in their simplest form. The first trio in a series of trios. These are all going into Face Forward!, my theme for the 2011 Sketchbook Project. More on that later.

Take care. Be well.
Candace, Still in Athens no matter WHAT the year is like!

Dec 25, 2010

White Christmas

We are Santa. We carry the message, Goodwill and Peace on Earth. If that's not a gift ...

Say, happy holidays, everyone! I am safe and sound and still in Athens and we just looked out, and it’s SNOWING.

A long winter’s nap for Kitty Boy -- doesn't he look like he's sporting a bit of a halo? Well, don't let him fool you! --

-- and bits of the Final Tree for 2010 shown here. That first one is fuzzed for some reason. What the???

Oh indeed, your eyes do not deceive you! Sock monkeys, a longtime favourite, adorn the tree!

That smaller sock monkey was a sweet and unexpected gift from dear friend Amy… seen here with her very own Mr. Claus. Hers was the first card of the season and how tickled I was to get this photo!

Who needs an Elf on the Shelf when these two are the ones watching over you?

Out and about this week. Posting fun stuff later.
Kids, I am so hoping everything was extra special and magical for you this year. And as Jeanne says, we made it… !

Candace, Still In Athens.

Dec 12, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all well! I am indeed still here and have managed to survive another earnings season just in time for the holiday season -- .

Yummo baked goods at Walker's Pub in Athens. Visiting friends and friends visiting.

Everything goes by in a blur once December hits.

Some shots of the Harvest Tree from November. Is that really me? Yep, as always, looking over my shoulder.

The full monty... almost. I like this shot for the reflections and shadows cast.

Twinkling lights make everything look so magical. One can almost hear The Faerie Court giggling in the branches. So what if they're fake? (The branches, not the Court!)

Hard to believe this tree has been up one year now, but it has. None the worse for wear. But it comes down Jan 6 of 2011.

The hats? Well, sure, they were fun and I will post those soon enough. But the tree? More than fun. But now it's time for other things to get goin'....
Speaking of which, more later!
Take care!