Jun 26, 2011

Mad Hatters

All for one and one for all --

Hello and thanks for checking out my rusty self at the Mad Hatter Tea Party 2011!

A good thing I put up that BWO, isn't it? Well, kids, as I told Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist, like Persephone, I feel like I have been sprung in time for spring -- and a little past spring, truth be told!

Let the Party begin...

"You Meet The Most Interesting People At This Tea Party"... and if you don't believe me or my friend here, just check out A Fanciful Twist's Mad Hatter Tea Party 2011 and see all the rest of the fun around the world up close and personal.

First, we will start out the day at the Athens Farmers Market serenaded by a ridiculously good downhome bluegrass romp ...

Yes, let's stop for a POMEGRANATE martini (remember what I said about Persephone?).

Say, are you sure we're going to a Mad Hatters TEA party? This looks like sushi!

Trust me. We're headed to the Party now.

Just stopping by the house to make some peach goodness (well, it is Georgia, so you shouldn't be too surprised). And yes, I make everything from scratch. You just cannot beat the taste if you have the time.

The honored guest! Remember what I said about interesting people? Well, sometimes they're not people at all. I ought to know because I have four of them at the Party.

The Farmers Market is FILLED with flowers this year. I came home with quite a few, and here they are, ready to grace the table.

The Gleesome Threesome here, taking their own pot of pinks to the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Even paper dolls need a little fun.

Thanks to everyone who has written and asked me to not fall off the edge of the world again. I'll be back again very soon.

Candace, Still In Athens