Jul 4, 2011

Red White and Green

Hello everyone and Happy Independence Day!

Watermelon, anyone? To go with your Nathan's hot dog, of course. Yummo.

This weekend was a much-needed respite, and there was an extra day this year, thanks to this so-loved (but simultaneously so taken for granted) holiday falling on a Monday. Although it's a red white and blue day for many, here at New Haven it's turned into a red white and green one, this year.

Amy's Garden now resides at New Haven along with the EyeCandy Garden.

It all looks and feels fabulous... isn't it amazing what Mother Nature's energy does for a space? The entire house and garden feels airy and spacious and -- well, freed!

Coming up, it's The EyeCandy Tour. No captions necessary, in my opinion.

Where there's a hare, you know there's sure to be a tortoise!

Slow and steady....

Come back soon for more works of nature and art. Two great tastes that taste great together... !