Feb 25, 2015

February 2015

Kickin' it old skool...

Yeah, I'm back. So what? After a year of undetermined vicious abdominal pain that nearly did me in, I recovered -- ta da! -- only to have to have very sudden open  heart surgery last September. That was just a bump in the road for yours truly. Am heavily into writing and art, still. Taking a great couple of classes via Film Athens. Have a script well underway and T and I are deep in discussions with another project. More on that when it's ready.

Met Jeanne this past summer along with Judy, her intrepid sister... it was great finally meeting a blog/FB friend.

I got pretty lazy with the blog. It takes time and real effort and like I said... I'm lazy. FB with its miniscule narrative and memes and shares and this. that and the other is like junk food. It can be tasty, it can keep you from literally starving but it's never really good for you. It reminds me of old phone party lines. You pick up the receiver for your own call but there are others on your line and you can join in willy nilly -- or at least listen and learn.

Here is an entertainment blog I occasionally write for. Movies, music, personalities (obits, mostly) and fun stuff.


Take care, wherever you are.