Mar 30, 2015

Nothing Like --

Relatives you love visiting, kicking around, eating at the favourite intown restaurants, going to a movie together. Sitting and talking, catching up, and solving problems. Nothing like it.

We had a good time. But alas, when T and I returned home, we saw the Kitster has really lost ground just in the few hours we were gone. It hurts to hold him -- literally. His bones are so pronounced, they are like knife edges. It may seem cruel but we hope his days are down to just hours being numbered. We don't know why he is hanging on. We don't want to put him down but if we have to, we will... our vet is wonderful and they will come to us and do it.

Sorry this is a downer section of the post, but so many of you have watched Kittyboy over the years, some of you have met him, that I feel it's only fair to let you know. We lost Tsar already, still have the Girls. We believe and have told Kit he will be with Tsar again... and that we will be with them one day too. We have told him we will be okay and that he can do whatever he wants to. If he wants to go, go...  so far, he's still hanging out with us. He weighs a measly five pounds... incredible.

On a very good note, I have had a short story published. "Johnny Gets His Gun". It's in an anthology, a book published here in The Classic City. I've had good solid feedback from it and am sending out others, as well, one or two actually requested/suggested.

Hoping to see you all in Blogland soon.