May 5, 2008

Artists Bearing Gifts

Hello there, all. I cannot do justice to Kitten's work so here is the link so you can all see for yourselves this amazing delicate work. Her works practically glow from within and she has graciously agreed to allow me to photograph her going through the entire process one day.

This is the link to her blog. (BTW, Kitten is her nickname, her real handle is on the site! So go and find out! Lol...)
Wow, this woman is really something -- and there are these miniatures she does as well! Knowing that reading and writing is a very big deal to me, she showed up with a gift today. And here is a photo of it...

It is a book! She did everything. Doesn't it look like she found a little faerie book? Well, she made this little faerie book. She sewed in the teeny tiny pages too. And like everything faerie, it is being taken very good care of, coming in its very own little faerie book bank. I meant to get photos of her today but that will have to wait. Gosh, too much going on! This book isn't as big as one of my fingers. Absolutely mindboggling in its execution.

On a serious note, I had a boutof vertigo while visiting with Kitten and a couple other friends. It worried a couple of them and T had to go grab the pills. Embarrassing? A little, but aggravating? A lot!
The beautiful weather we are having here is surpassed only by the pollen. Everything looks like it has a fine layer of gold green dust on it.


Akinol said...
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cynhammond said...

Hope your week is going well. I have had some vertigo this week also.

femminismo said...

Love your white flowers (with what looks like a violet peeking through) and the teeny faerie book. What dedication to make one that small. Speaking of which, I need to make a big one for my next art journal. Thanks for stopping in to my blog. femminismo