Jun 16, 2008

On with the show and tell

Hello there!

Kitten and I had a great day together on Friday. We spent approximately 5 hours or so just doing simple art stuff, and some not so simple. I thought I would start with the easy fun kid stuff -- Shrinky Dinks! We were at the end of the entire day with lots and lots of test pilot projects before we realized we had not eaten, we had not gotten a drink. We just talked and laughed, and made art. MY KIND OF DAY.

See that circle to the right there? Somewhere that big circle is cooking in an oven at 275F.

Presto! Chango! And here is that piece shrunk down to 1/3 of its size. I made a small self portrait style piece, one of my line drawings, with tendrils and spirals (come to think of it, I saw something similar to this in a 50s B movie called "Invaders From Mars"). I used coloured pencils. Hands are in some pix to show scale/size. After those important 2 minutes in the oven at 275F, the colours come out much more intense.

AND: If you buy Shrinky Dinks in the bags that have a kid on the package front, you spend $5.00, rather than buy the bag for -- ahem! -- adult artists for $8.00. That means $3.00 I can spend on other cool stuff. I really enjoy the "Rough and Ready" Shrinky Dinks as one side has a bit of a tooth and gives a bit more depth as well as intensity of colour to the art itself.

Kitten traced a tat for her piece which I did not -- shame on me -- get a photo of, altho I certainly thought I did! Hers was a lovely flowing piece -- black on white background. TINY compared to mine. This white background means the translucence of that background picks up the colour of whatever shirt one is wearing. Nice!

This was my first project but certainly not my last that day. It's great getting to do fun stuff with another creative person who says, "Go crazy! Try everything!" When did I, how could I forget this simplest of lessons? I am just used to going the 2-D route with my drawings and paintings and paperwork is Kitten's theory and it sounds pretty good to me, too.

Next post ... goddesses and the incredible tile art Kitten and I managed. INTENSE. Mod Podge is -- as Kitten says -- unforgiving. That's Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Coming up, signatures and books. Fabric or no?
More later.


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