Nov 21, 2008

Check List

Hello everyone. Here's a checklist of what I will be jetting across the Pond with for Jeanne. Say, you didn't think this trip was about me, did you? Expect more daily doubles as the Official TransAtlantic Countdown continues until MONDAY.

Gee, I hope customs is looking the other way on this second one. I stopped this habit 12 years ago. And I didn't smoke these namby pamby babies.

Noooo. I smoked UNFILTERED Pall Malls and Chesterfields. Also, clove cigs. Good God, and I have lived to tell the tale! I was a real femme fatale, with cropped hair and mini skirts or skinny jeans, jetting smoke through my nostrils until all my cilia was burned out. A carton of cigs here $25. There, considerably more. Much more.

On a more wholesome and domestic note, Jeanne wants the Quaker Treatment as well.

Born and raised more or less in New Orleans, Jeanne is the quintessential Southern gal when it comes to certain items... like grits. Besides keeping a clean house and impeccable character, she can cuss a blue streak, yet make you feel like you just heard something really wonderful that you just must have.

We were (almost) fast friends and still are. I can't tell you how excited I am to be seeing her and Jen (another coworker/friend who has been living in England with her [Brit] Hubbs for two or so years now) . This is going to be fun.

My papers are in order -- or will be until customs gets involved. I had my money changed over this AM. I bought Jeanne a belated b'day gift and am taking that as well as another fun gift wrapped for the winter holidays.

A nice cup of joe with Joe and Pita, Leela and T. Scurrying about, thrilled to be away from the computer to take care of business. Kitten and Don are over in a few. The party has begun.

Until Tomorrow, get more of what you love.



Velvet Ginger said...

Oh wow!!! You are sure organized! How fun! I am really excited for you!!! My co-worker sends her sister in Scotland cottton panties every christmas because she can't find them over there! lol
I would LOVE to see a pciture of you in your Femme Fatale stage!!!
(Email it to me!!!)
{I won't post it on my bog...I promise}

Denise said...

Travel safely and have fun!