Dec 15, 2008

If Winter Comes

Hello Everyone!
Things are back to a more even keel at 235 now that the heat is back on in my house. While I was working on my paper iris here on Saturday evening -- nice, eh? but I cut it a little close for comfort, sigh -- Kitten and I realized, "hey, it's a little chilly."

Sure enough, the heat was on the fritz. T called Sunday asap, but the ubiquitous "they" couldn't get to us until today, Monday, at 2:30. What the -- ??? Not so much fun getting up and working, etc., in a house that felt like a meat locker. I work from home in a finished basement, meaning, concrete walls and cement flooring, and man, it was grey, drizzly and COLD...!
But nothing like what so many others are going through, so really very little complaining here. My peeps in the Northerly portions of this old world are on my mind, due to terrible weather Stateside as well as abroad. Well, it is winter in these parts, so what are we going to do? Suck it up...

grrrr!!! So, this paper iris in December will have to do until a real one shows up in spring of '09.

Even The Unsinkable Molly Brown asked for a little extra ... no fat on this gal whatsoever, so you know she was uncomfortable. Here we see her during Vespers. Honestly, doesn't she look like she's praying? smirk... that's one of my sweatshirts on her.

So, I'll check back in on Friday. Work is creeping along this time of year, especially now with the recession and folks, near and far, just needing a real breather in general, due to so many things.
UGA is emptying out for the holidays and T and I are getting ready for the slide down into Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and ... anything else out there to celebrate! This is the first year in some while that we've had a tree and we are fighting fit for the task ahead...

So be of good cheer -- "if winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Candace


Denise said...

Here's some lovely sunshine to help warm you up :) :) all the way from me!

Charlie said...

Sorry to hear about your heater going out...what a bummer!
Wish I could send you some of our good weather from here in SA. It's been a little chilly lately though, should warm up to the high 70's by Sat. I bet you just love to hear
stay warm.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! What a bummer! It is soooo hard to live without heat! I'm glad it got fixed fairly quickly and that life is back to normal. And your doggie is sooo cute! :-)

Velvet Ginger said...

Oh Candace, I didn't know you didn't have heat!!! So glad you do now! We have had cold wet rainy weather here too! The unsikable Molly Brown (my kids' & my favorite movie when they were growing up) doesn't look happy poor thing...cute sweatshirt though! You are always making something so very pretty!

femminismo said...

Hope your repaired heating device continues to do well for you. I suspect our old furnace needs to be replaced. We should have invested the money in that this fall, but good intentions and all that - you know! How are you making the "iris"? I would be interested in knowing - maybe have a "how-to" lecture. Looks pretty! - jeanne, your pal in Oregon

Candace said...

Thanks, girls, and it's always good to hear from you lot also! Jeanne, I have thought about that very thing re: the iris. Mmm... you have given me another idea! (Uh-oh.)

Have a great great day, everybody!

Victorian Lady said...

Your Iris is beautiful! :) Sending you some heat from AZ...we have plenty of it. Best of luck with everything! :)


P.S. I'm curious 'cause I work from home too...what do you do? With the two kiddos, it is hard for me to stay on track. :)