Dec 5, 2008

LondonPalooza -- and more

Hello Everyone! As I told Velvet Ginger from Somewhere Over The Rainbow here, "there's no place like home", to coin a well-loved phrase. But did I have a blast? You betcha. But again, while I do love London, well... I defer to Dorothy's mantra once again.

I felt like "the meek and the small", too, following a tumble down a flight of stairs at London Bridge Station on the way to Gatwick, which caused me to miss my Monday noon flight and then come on in Tuesday. By the time I made it to the airport, the gate had just closed. They weren't about to re-open it for a solitary American, trust me, no matter how close she shaved it.

No lasting damages, but I wouldn't recommend this type adventure to just anybody!

While enjoying a fine meal of bangers and mash, what did I spy with my little eye but this gloriously coloured postcard, pimping an art exhibit called "WOW: Wild Old Women". The fact that it was also free drew me in like a moth to the proverbial flame and am I ever glad it did. Hopping on to a doubledecker with Miss Jeanne (not femminismo, Rubye Jean, but the same spelling) I went down to the area called Southwark (pronounced Suth' erk).

The birds were among my favourites, all of them child or adult sized, formed of gizmos and gears and bits of this and that. More on and about them another time.

There was a group of three smaller ones together and there was a large doll house -- or so one thought.

This life sized mosaic woman had no arms. It made me think of an image and faerie tale I read and/or visit on occasion -- the Handless Maiden. Do you know that story? It, like so many others, is a sad tale -- we won't go there today.

I loved this rather large piece below of icons, goddesses, and gadabouts. The composition was amazing, and the colours really popped!
Next on EyeCandy: London creative Sarah Wallis, seen here, a Suzi blu friend and now a face to face friend. Isn't it great what Art Shenanigans can accomplish along with the help of that trusty pal, Internet? Sarah brought a lovely handmade art gift I will share with you next time in Blogovia. Sorry for the darkness of the photo. Sarah and I met for a chat and a meal (thank you, Sarah!) at St. Martin's In The Field. The cafe was a huge affair, very atmospherically lit, with hints of Christmas holidays coming.

Say, speaking of Blogovia, everyone sure was quiet last week in said place. Surely this is because everyone was 1., quietly busy and/or 2., having a great Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully not everybody's blog acted up like mine -- ! I've tried a couple of times now to get this puppy posted.

And speaking of posts and other achievements, femminismo did indeed hit a water mark of 250 posts recently here AND finished the dreaded NanoWriMo. Good on you, Jeanne!
20 Days Till Christmas... can you believe it?!


femminismo said...

Oh, you're back! I thought things were a little more cheery recently, notwithstanding the economy. So sorry to hear about your tumble. That's no fun and then to miss your plane. But the Wild Old Women show. Extraordinary. You must have been in that area expressly to share the pictures with us. I absolutely adore the quilt (?) with "singing the wild song inside? - something like that I believe. Glad you're back, glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see what art present you got. Thanks for mentioning me and my post. What fun I've had doing them.

Judy Wise said...

yike, I thought I was the only one who missed planes (never my fault, understand) hee hee. Love the pix from the Wild Old Women show. hmmmm. That gives me some ideas. xo

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Sounds like you had great fun and many adventures and tales to tell! Thanks for sharing pics and descriptions from the fun free art show, too. Welcome home!

Denise said...

All was quiet because you weren't here! See simple logic! Absence was longer due to unfortunate mishap (ouch) planes in the UK wait for NO ONE! No matter how delayed you were at St Martin's or Harrod's or Art Museums. Glad you're back and can hardly wait to hear of your experiences.

Velvet Ginger said...

Oh girl, it looks like you had such a wonderful time!!! **Thank you so much for the post-card you sent me (I received it last night), so did you really ride that huge roller coaster?? I sure wish I could have seen the Wild Old Women exhibit, that Mosaic is fabulous, I saved teh picture and blew it up to see it better...very intrigueing! WELCOME BACK my friend, I love your new profile that a cig hanging out of your mouth? lol you fem-fatal(how the heck do you spell that?

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are ok! Did you have to spend the night at the airport?n Hope not. Excited to see my doll and my picture!
Sarah :)