Feb 16, 2009


-- isn't for just one day in February!

Hello everyone!

Last weekend, I found a really truly true Art Store in Athens called The Loft. Had a wonderful time there. And below is one of the several skinner blends (polymer) which Kitten showed me how to get that same day ... on the pasta machine, of course.

I love that blue and brown together... that's Kitten holding the blend, hot off the (pasta machine) presses there. Before I shaped the blue and red (not posted here) a bit, Kitten called it "Shiva's Tongue". Which -- despite the gruesome sound of it -- gave me another idea... but more on that another time.

These blends are destined to be dresses on a series of little dolls, now lying in wait for their turn in the oven. I'm chomping at the bit to finish it all and post asap so I can get suggestions on how to do better! Alas, it will more than likely be the weekend before we can see those results. Work, work, work...

but till then, here are Me and Me Too -- the first dolls I ever made that I'd told you about on a previous post. Me is on the left, the girl, and Me Too, on the right, and the boy.

These little honeys were based on an actual set of six year old fraternal twins I knew, Jessie and Cody. They are grown now. And when I say grown, I don't mean they're big kids. I mean they are adults.

And before I forget! Let me share with you the mystery that is RENDEZVOUS, now going on which has plenty of Art Shenangans going on with it. This is what I found waiting in the mail today. Cool, eh? This came to me, courtesy of my pal femminismo.

Yes, indeedy, I am picking up that gauntlet and you can read about Rendezvous here.
Thanks, Jeanne!

It's just what's needed to pull me out of the last vestiges of winter doldrums. That and a tornado...! Yes, the weather here was pretty squirrelly all last night. Mother Nature flexing her muscles. Above the Mason Dixon line, there are blizzards. Here below that line, we have tornadoes and hail.

Speaking of squirrelly...

This is Frank and frankly (forgive the pun), he's fat as mud from all the corn he chows down. He doesn't share, either, the little bugger! Another sign of spring as well as a reminder to take care of the wildlife in the back.

Have a good weekend, everyone.
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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I agree that Love isn't just for one day in February! Love the clay you're playing with! Sorry to hear about the tornado! Hope ya'll are ok! And thanks for the anniversary wishes! :-)

femminismo said...

How did I miss this post???!!! I must be getting careless ... or too busy. Not a good thing. I love your dolls! They are absolutely unique. Candace, you could market these. I like the simple faces that are "just enough." I am so glad you got the valentine. Thanks for posting it. Hope your weather straightens out and flies right for the rest of the year. We have squirrels too, but they are leaner than Frank. haha It's all that tree hopping they do around the neighborhood. Love, Jeanne

Velvet Ginger said...

So the tornado WAS close huh? I looked on map quest.....I saw it hit several places near Athens. I love those twins!! They almost have Peanut Gang faces! Those are just adorable, you have too much fun!
Take Care Hon!

Candace said...

Thanks for these comments and visits, everyone. Jeanne, what a nice encouraging word about marketing Me and Me Too... LOL. Maybe I should start a little Etsy shop.
Say, it's almost time for the March giveaway... March hare, anyone?
Have a great week, everybody.