Mar 17, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Yes, I have really missed all of you. Work has taken a more relaxed attitude now as earnings season is “over” for now. It all starts again soon enough after March 31. So let’s not waste any time. (I admit, I lurked about all your sites a few minutes here and there when I could actually do something on the computer other than just work nonstop.)

Fortunately I did not forget to spring forward last week and thus, set my clock forward an hour … and was treated Sunday AM to a fantastic moment in my garden as a reward. Hard to believe this was all covered with nearly a foot of snow a week prior and then, 80F temps three or four days... it was fabulosa!

And, does this rock not look like a person? Sort of? Complete with “mineral makeup”... badabing! Instead of a vacation, I had a bit of a “staycation” part of last and this week. I am changing a lot of things in my personal life and for the better, I might add, starting with the external -- More Naps, Better Food (homecooked Indian meals like the one below can be as good as that found in restaurants if one just follows real Indian recipes and has authentic ingredients),

Less Stress -- a daily 30-minute walk instead of a walk only two or three times a week and as always, More Art Shenanigans. Some folks work from the internal to the external.

It has been My Experience that if I work on the outer shell, the mind and spirit follow happily along. And Art agrees with me, so there you are. That’s My Story and I’m sticking to it.
Check back this weekend for some fun pieces as well as the Spring '09 Fashion Show, straight from The Classic City here in Jawja. Yep, I have those dresses on those little darlings, finally.

Everyone has been and is so busy... how will I ever catch up? Why springing forward, of course.

Take care!


Sarah said...

Hi Candace!
Glad you are back around after your busy time! That rock does look like a face-I always see faces everywhere too. That curry looks delicious. Looking forward to seeing your latest shenanigans!
Sarah :)

femminismo said...

"Earnings season" is over, huh? Sounds like you work for some financial institution! I loved your flower garden shot. I, too, cannot believe those bulbs in the garden can take some of what Nature dishes out. Love the rock and "mineral makeup" comment. So witty, girl! Can't wait to see the new spring line of clothing. - femminismo

Lynne said...

Hi, nice to see you back, I kept calling in.
It's amazing how quickly the snow disappears isn't it? Ours hasn't quite yet gone, but soon maybe.

How did Molly Brown do with her dental work? Jewel especially loves the snow. If she goes into a snow drift she gets all excited then leaps out of it. She loves eating snow or icicles. She's so funny to watch.

Denise said...

Great to have you back in blogland. Missed you. Have you given your 'rock' a name yet? ;)
Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment.

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Okay ... I think the rock looks like a square headed boy with a long nose and Princess Leia ear muffs! (heehee!) Sounds like some positive changes going on for you! :-)

Candace said...

Hello everyone,
and thanks for the visits and comments, too. I do work for a financial institution, as a matter of fact, Jeanne, and four times a year -- or half the year easy peasy, my life is not my own -- lol.
Have a great great weekend, all of you!