May 27, 2009

Another Self Portrait and Little Somethings

Hello Everyone!

Well, there I was at the top of my game at only 7 years of age, this studio portrait a reminder of the adulation reserved for a child, taken just in time for my first "real" piano concert. ("Symphony No. 4" by Haydn.) Look at those tee-tiny Mamie Eisenhower bangs. My sister in law and I still laugh about that 'do which my mom found necessary (for some ungodly reason) for me to sport during most of my childhood. It's a wonder anyone came near me...
okay, it's a bit of a cheat as I did not take this photo. Still, I thought we could use a laugh during these early summer days.

Soon, I will be resting up (read vacation) between episodes of intense quarterly projects, as I finish reading this. Forget the movie. Author Paul Bowles despised Bertolucci's "version" and after reading this, I understand why. Careful if you pick this edition up! Bowles' foreword has spoilers.

And on the rare occasion, I have taken to ordering a little something for myself…

Go here to find out more about this creative spirit I found through yet another blog pal. Fun stuff and really lovely, too -- the incredible colours she can coax out of the firing process are a true feast for the eyes.
As for my own higgledy piggledy works, here is a little something -- inspired by Jeanne's ferns, which you can easily see here.

And speaking of taking things One Day At A Time, some other "little something" is winging its way to her now… at last! I hear you cheering, Pal!

Check back with this here blog Friday, May 29, as the June Is Busting Out All Over drawing is all but upon us.

Have a great, great week and remember:
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Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I love the pretty handmade tile you picked out for yourself! And your paper doll is lovely in the greenery! :-)

Sarah said...

That haircut is great! Who did your bangs and did they use a ruler?! You look very sweet and just ready for your concert.
Love the tile and the lady walking in amongst the plants is beautiful!
Sarah x

Charlie said...

I seem to remember having those bangs in the second grade. Oh boy!!!My mom cut my heir short that year because she could not stand my was way too unruly for her. Oh memories.....thanks for sharing yours.

beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace! What a cute little girl you were! You really look the same now, just grown up! Do you still play the piano? We bought one when my first son was born, in hopes SOMEONE would learn how to play...that was 24 years ago! It still sits nicely in the dining room, just waiting...
Your little lady in the ferns is SOOO SWEET! I really like her alot! Your "artful" tile is so pretty also.
Paulette :o) favorite color in the whole world is pink! ;)

femminismo said...

Yipes! Does that mean I won the lady in the plaid dress?!! How did I miss this? I guess I have been way too into myself lately. The yard has been taking up too much blogging time. Sorry, Candace, to miss this post. Love your picture and I do see the woman in the girl. I'm glad you don't wear your bangs so short anymore. (Mine were inadvertently this short once. I kept them "wet down" by asking to go to the girls' bathroom as often as I dared! - Jeanne