Jun 1, 2009

And The June Giveaway Goes To --

Why, look whose name the rabbit pulled out of the hat this time around!

My first real time, hands across the waters meeting with a blog friend was with Sarah in London, England. I was visiting a coworker (also named Jeanne, imagine that) in London last year for Thanksgiving. Knowing a bit about Sarah from Suzi Blu's site, I thought, “Mmm. Why not?” If you don’t know Sarah or her blog, check it out. Along with a handful of others, Sarah has encouraged by sheer example of her art and her philosophy. And I have to say that I do think the way I perceive the “commonplace” continues to evolve, thanks to her.

(And Anairam, of course you were entered! I am on EST and I never say never -- usually -- until that time is well established here in The Classic City. You were fine.)

Another addition to the Paper Lady Brigade will see us off today.

Say, check back for the Declaration of Independence Art Drawing on June 30th! Whoever comments on this here blog all month long will be in the running for this giveaway on – ta da! -- July 4th. (Like I'm going to leave anyone out, esp. this time around ... I completely know what the concept of independence plus freedom means to me, let alone all of you out there in Blogovia, no matter what land you call "home".)

Even T is threatening to get into the act this time, so you know there's some fun times up ahead on New Haven Drive.

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femminismo said...

Your paper dolls are adorable. I love them in your garden. Perfect setting! You are so ambitious, you are making me feel like a slackard. Is that a word? Oh, well! I will check out Sarah's blog. Any friend of yours ... bye, bye for now - Jeanne

Sarah said...

How exciting! Thank you! I love the Union Jack touch-a lovely surprise after a hard slog checking and printing school reports! Thank you for your kind words too! Also-I totally agree with what you said about horses-that's it! That is why I love them I think!
Sarah x

Janet said...

love, love, love the paper lady brigade. way cute!

Anairam said...

Congrats, Sarah! And thanks Candace for including me in the draw - I am never sure whether we are ahead of time or behind time. Well, I guess according to geographical principles we are ahead ... Happy Looking-forward-to-Independence-Day!

Charlie said...

Your paper dolls are fabulous. When do you have time to do all of this? I'm amazed!