Jun 30, 2009

Between the Worlds

Hello Everyone!

Last Call for The Red, White and Blue Art Drawing and Giveaway!

The drawing will be Saturday, the 4th of July at midnight and I will post within 24 hours who the lucky one was this time around.

Talk about the lucky one. Do you see this? See what's inside? A clutch of four nuthatch eggs, in a box, on my porch within easy reach of the Girls (who could care less), the Boys (who have not noticed), the occasional snake or fox, other birds... so yes, here they hang between two worlds -- the cradle of nature and the ground floor of "civilization".

And here is Sal, our newest deer matriarch. A big, beautiful redhead, she already has an attentive beau to graze with, walk with, snuggle up to in their bed (just off our driveway). He is very gentlemanly... not like those fellows that came through last year. Then again, he's pretty young.

I've felt a bit between worlds myself. This is the first day I have been up and at 'em in several. It's my old frenemy, bronchitis, which sometimes I believe can be beaten the good old-fashioned way -- after taking what the doc says to take, doing what the doc says to do, have a strong tea and a hot shower and then let Sol go to work on you.

So just think of this as my weekly self portrait (thanks T, for the secret candid camera shot, you rascal). While a day early for some, it might not be a minute too soon for others!

How I yearn to get back to my books and my art. All I do is sleep. Like now, in about 10 minutes, again. KittyBoy is good company though, as you all know. He's with me every second -- like he can tell I am not 100%. (Then again, some people may think that after seeing the self portrait. lol.)

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femminismo said...

Well, what to comment on first? The redhead, Sal? She's gorgeous and they sleep right off your driveway? How lucky to see the beauty of nature so often. Then we have the birds. Those too are lovely to look at and hear. The candid snapshot? I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you, T! Your self-portrait is taken care of. Brave, inspiring Candace! - jeanne

Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
Hope you are feeling much better now! Hope the sun did the trick! Also hope the eggs hatch ok and the chicks survive!
Sarah x

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! I sure hope you feel better soon! And I admire you for posting the candid portrait that T snapped. You are stronger than I! :-)

Candace said...

Hi Everyone,
I went out today and had a Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato. Now I am going back to bed. LOL. Don't get this stuff, it's not for just anybody. It's for old sunbathing dragons like me. ha!

Thanks for all the good wishes and comments, too. You all rock.
Candace in Athens x

Mimi Hollace Green said...

Well, We are happy to see Our Dear Miss Lady sharing her Worldly secrets and Earthly treasures. As always, We find ourselves in awe of your essence, Lovely Madam.

Ever Your Friend,

Mimi Hollace Green
Artist In Residence
Princess in Waiting
Princessipality of The Inner Splendor, The Outer Darkness and all places between.

beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace! Well... you are just something, sitting there out there in all your glory! Great photo! I wish I had deer running around in my yard! I hope by now you're feeling much, much better! Paulette :o)

Denise said...

Hey You! Take care and do what you're told, just for once! You need to get better and enjoy the summer. I won't mind a deer like that roaming in my garden. Nice Candid Candace pic (well done T)

Candace said...

Let the Games Begin Again... lol. Yes, it is Tuesday, 7 Jul and I am just now getting up and around again. Whew... kids, don't try this at home. And I am not talking about being in the altogether.
Posting later tonight.

Charlie said...

I'm so sorry you where not feeling up to par.
I'm glad you are better now.
You sassy little girl....sitting there with no clothes on.
A great self portrait....giggle giggle.
Have a good summer.