Jul 29, 2009

What The Cat Dragged In

Yes. That's what you think it is. But it's of a nonvenomous variety and I'm truly sorry it's gone.

Hello everyone!

Sarah Wallis of Circles of Rain wonders if my Dialogues Project reflects dialogues "you have had or made up ones or from other sources?" Simple -- all of the above! Some of these dialogues are sweet while others are bitter, and while some are funny, others are not much fun at all, and a few would be good substitutes for a side of vinegar!

Here are a couple of shots, these subjects well on the way to being in Dialogues. And one shall be beaded and sent along its merry way to a friend quite soon.

And speaking of bittersweet, I ask you -- how can we have such gorgeous blooms and simultaneously have leaves turning colours on the tree above these flowers? What the...? Hey, it's not even AUGUST yet. Aren't we rushing things a bit here?

Lo, the voice of this particular turtle is still heard in the land -- or in my backyard, anyway. So why is this summer rushing to get it all over with?

Even Molly Brown wonders what happened to Dog Days this year...

Oh well, maybe it's that time compression my mother told me about when she was in her 70s and I was in my no longer 30s.
"After a while, you hit a certain point, and Christmas comes every other week."
Thanks, Ma.
Get More of What You Love
and Watch Where You Step.
Candace in Athens.


Sarah said...

Hi Candace,
I love your Mum's comment about time. It seems truer and truer as I get older. The second half of the year seems to go much quicker than the first.
Poor snake! I think my cats would be too scared.
Thanks for answering my question too!
Sarah x

Anne said...

Hi, Candace! Molly Brown is sooooo sweet! Love the turtle! :-)

Laura B said...

Hi Candace,
I love your words of wisdom, "Get More of What You Love
and Watch Where You Step.", they would make great T-shirts!

Anairam said...

See, that is why I do not like cats - all fluffy on the outside, but rather mean on the inside ... Looking forward to seeing how your Dialogues evolve!

Southern Girl said...

I love how in tune with the "great outdoors" you are. No hiding inside for you! :) Witnessing the seasons change and actually noticing the wildlife has got to be one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

beedeebabee said...

Hi Candace!
Your mom's comment about time was funny, and your answer even funnier! It's true though, the years do seem to go by quicker as we get older....As far as the leaves turning too soon, I say bring it on! (I'm not a summer person at all!)...Molly Brown is such a cutie... and I'm REALLY enjoying your artwork! It's wonderful! Poor snake. Paulette :o)