Oct 26, 2009

Five -- and Counting

Hello Everyone!

Five days and counting till we slide right into Halloween. It's been a great season of the witch this year. Folks are ready for cool weather, fabulous colours and a little change is what I see here in the Classic City.

I liked creating this little quickie witch -- especially her frock with its little apron! -- and have titled this -- what else?

It's The Not So Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

You may see this dress again -- and I am even thinking of taking it a step further and putting it on a doll other than one of my Paper Ladies. We'll see.

Unless something untoward happens, I hope to post every night this week with a little witchery ditchery do and more Art Shenanigans!

Take care!
Candace in Athens


beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Candace! I love your little witch, and her little dress too!
I should follow your lead, and try to post every day for a week, THAT would be something! Hugs ;)

Charlie said...

She is adorable!
It's pretty hard to post every day of the week.
Good luck!