Oct 28, 2009

That Old Black Magic

Hello Everyone!

Yep, I'm still attempting to post every night this Halloween week. I'm not sure why I'm doing this. I don't have anything to prove to anyone, least of all myself. But this time of year is just so so special to me for many reasons... nostalgia one of them, of course. So to the brooms, kids and away we'll go, flying monkeys and all!!!

This little work is called "You guys are such cut-ups."

Things happen in Blogovia that we just don't expect, sometimes. It tickles and thrills. One of the new peeps I have met and made through A Fanciful Twist 's lovely Halloween Celebration is Autumn of Autumn's Antics. Go there now for some fun fun stuff.

But here's the kicker. Where Autumn lives...? It's my old hometown. Where. I. Grew. Up. Where I went to church (can you believe that?) and nearby school (to be educated but also socialized. That didn't work, either). Near where my dad and (now) my brother and my sister live as well.
And I was sent some fun stuff you see below, straight from Autumn's blog contests which are still going on, if I understood her recent posts -- ready, willing and able to be altered.

LOVE the stamp!

All I know is the mailman got a big kick out of being able to tell me, "Somebody sent you a house!" before handing me the package.

She sure did. Thanks, Autumn. Now the mystery begins...
What will I make out of this? A gypsy's cupboard, full of surprises or simply cubby holes for this 'n' that? Will it be happy as a humble house or shall it be a shrine or maybe a mausoleum? A museum? A library? School for the Arts? A travel agency? Mmm....
Take care.


Autumn said...

Great! So glad it arrived safely! The mail clerk was irritated with me... :( I hope you enjoy the goodies!
Autumn Clark

Velvet Ginger said...

Those things are so dang cute! I bet you will house your little dolls there!
I love that moon picture...did you really see some of my flying monkeys???

Southern Girl said...

Candace, Checking in just in time to get a load of all of your Halloween and tea party posts! :) LOVE the Harvest Moon! I just received an invite to my favorite UGA professor's retirement party, so I'll be in the ATH on November 9! Can't wait! I'm thinking of staying at the Hotel Indigo while I'm there...what a strange place for them to put it. (I saw it the last time I was puttering around town.)

ArtSparker said...

Congratulations on the house. I once had some friends send me a package with a personal note on the outside addressed to Ron, my regular postman.