Aug 4, 2007

Get It Right This Time

What an appropriate post.

That's how I have felt recently. Get It Right This Time. On top of feeling like I have been circling the airport waiting to land for FOREVER, I had a blog already named Eye Candy but had to re-do, thanks to my losing and "disremembering" my passwords, exact names, exact steps... sheesh. So here I am again...

Bought two Journals to start some new works in. I picked up a copy of Artful Blogging today after drooling over it last weekend. Here's a link for those of you who may be interested in it. .

Also purchased the latest issue of a nifty art zine called Cloth Paper Scissors, which I had bought once before (Spring issue, I think) and then picked up the latest (Summer) copy. What's funny is a friend and I were already talking about "how far ahead of the curve were we?" And then, "how far behind are we now?" You know what I mean...

I was already doing this layered paper and art deal quite a few years ago. And SELLING my work, for cryin' out loud. I was happy, doing what I loved, being who I am and then -- Suddenly, I just laid down the implements and walked away. I still sketched, still doodled, still created.

One of the diffs I noted in My past work and others' works that I see now -- like Judy's and these other wonderful artists (all absolutely gorgeous) -- is that I drew and cut out and pasted and coloured and did everything. No rubber stamping, no scanning, no whatever computer magic people do now.

But the background was often the only thing that wasn't original art.

Not bragging, just bemused. I can't wait to start up again. Thanks to Artful Blogging, I found the luminous works and lovely blog of Judy Wise. Check her out at Then try not to think about those luscious mermaids, the roly poly golden tiger cats, and the other lovely works she has created. It's a great website.

Oh yes, here's the link for Cloth Paper Scissors.

I will have pix up later. Just having to test the waters here, slowly slowly before I dive in.


diything said...

i too picked up artful blogging over the weekend...most of the bloggers in the magzine i am very aware of...the graphics is what got me! couldn't help but think about what you said in your post how you were so far ahead with these techniques but yet so far behind. i have felt this way myself...i know all these techniques and have been doing them but i too put it all down and walked away from creating, well i guess i do still create in a way. my sister and i have a site where we feature indie so it keeps us pretty busy. i would love to hear more of your story and why you walked away and now what draws you you have any plans on posting photos of your work on your blog...guess i'm a very visual person and would love to see what you create. the best to you, wendy

Candace said...

hi wendy,
Thanks for your comments. I walked away because sometimes that's what needs to happen and when there is no real support system around and you still gotta eat... Hey, I know your blog! I go to that all the time. Great job, girls.

And I went back because I truly cannot NOT make art. I am not joking when I say I feel as if I am becoming mentally unhinged or depressed after a while. It's like Bach's cantata about coffee, where the heroine sings "I must have coffee or I will die!"

disa said...