Jan 21, 2008

Eyecandy Eye Candy

Another blog named Eye Candy. Only mine, this one, is EyeCandy. The other is very lovely, photography-heavy.

I thought naming this EyeCandy would be appropriate as it's not only about eye candy but Candy is also My nickname, short for Candace.

Bought some nice suede gloves at Coldwater Creek, 13.99 as opposed to 29.99. Ahh, January sales beckon. Dark red. They're lovely especially with my denim and my leathers. Motorcycle Mama...! Lol. Seriously, the wind chill put us at 18F at 6PM and I just didn't want to be up and down the sidewalk at Alps with no gloves. No hat is bad enough.

A mocha at Borders with T and a quick read of this month's Cloth Paper Scissors as well as the small but totally fun Craft magazine. Will buy CPS on the next check, and start looking for the new issue of Artful Blogging!

Have to sit tight moneywise this week as I also had to have new prescription for glasses. Oh well... not totally unexpected but still not a great feeling, having to spend bucks on spectacles rather than FUN stuff like books, magazines and journals and so close after Xmas as well.

Speaking of journals, My own "Rant and Rave Journal" is coming along. Hope to post a couple of things from it soon, soon, soonest.

Back to work tomorrow after having MLK Day off. If Wall Street is closed, so are we. Yahoo. Er, um -- I mean, I Love My Job. (Actually, I do --!)

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Ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - ann's art. I've been browsing around you site. Very nice. Do you have any pictures up yet from your "Rant & Rave journal"? I'm curious!