Jan 21, 2008

Italian Ice Tomatoes

Here is a link for the Italian Ice Tomatoes from Burpees.


Aren't they gorgeous? I feel sure you will see these again in any journal pages I share as soon as I figure out how to do this without LOSING anything. (What AM I doing wrong here?)

Funny I cannot eat very many tomatoes of any type (allergies), but manage to eat a bit of one or two here and there. Mmmm... T has no such problem and puts them in many of our dishes, then remembers. "Oops! Sorry, Candy."

"No matter, T. I'll just put a pinch of sugar in to counteract the acidity and voila!"

If only ALL of life were that way. Just a pinch of sugar and presto chango!
More later on the gardening. Thanks for stopping by...

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