Jan 21, 2008

January and We Have Had Snow!?

First off, Athens has not had real snow for some years. I've been here two years and have yet to enjoy it... Wednesday, big fairy tale snowflakes coming down and laying on the ground but then the cold sleety rain showed by midnight and they were gone. Driving into it in the dark, Maxfield Parrish landscape -- magic!

Working on a journal as to goals this year. Yas, yas, Italian Ice Tomatoes from Burpees. T's tomatoes did SOOO well last summer that I thought I would step up to the plate with an early offering of "Hey, try this one, too!" They are so pale green, they really do look like an Italian ice. Just lovely. They are supposedly more sweet and crisp. Two thumbs up. Jack's Cherokee Heirloom tomatoes he sent via Jeanne were more than great. T has good luck with gardening. We should all be so lucky!

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