Apr 26, 2008

As The Crow Flies


This was the first of two light balsa wood box tops I painted for a couple of jewelry boxes. It was the first in a series of ravens (or crows, I did both) and I still do love crows.

The Tree of Life is behind this raven, as is the Rainbow Bridge and another raven flies in from Northern European mythos. Memory and Thought were these birds' names, each assigned to sit on the shoulder of the main honcho, Odin. Or Woden (where we get Wednesday) or Wotan, depending on the story one reads. The god fears losing Thought, but admits he fears the loss of Memory even more. So human, these deities!

It's a little blurred, I think but will do for just show and tell here. Just plain old acrylics for kraftwerks.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully more show and tell in a couple of days!




Ro Bruhn said...

Great box lid. I love the way you've combined the images. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

michelle said...

This is a wonderful piece!

You say you have a business, what kind?

Candace said...

Thanks Ro, I have a pal who lives in Victoria who wants me to visit and pronto! Maybe soon...

Thanks, Michelle, and my full on job is Thomson Reuters. I am lucky enough to telecommute. I also freelance proofread/edit under my own little 'name' of "Gadfly" for obvious reasons! LOL.

The business of (occasionally) selling art is a third, fun part-time job I've not done in a while; and doesn't seem like business at all.

I'll see you girls soon in Blogland.

Best as always,

Ms Dragonfly said...

love the design :)

thealteredpage said...

This is beautiful. The crow, the tree, and the rainbow all work together so well. And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful comment.