May 3, 2008

May Day and Beyond

So here is another older piece (I promise I am showing new stuff soon!). This is called "The Quilt". Again paper and color put down on another colored paper background before framing. Ooo.... in the new Artful Blogging is an article about Paper Art. FABulous! I had pieces this intricate as well but guess what? Remember that post I made about selling my paper goods and not having photos of them... yep. sigh... a lesson hard earned. I think I have photos, so if photos of photos work, I will put them all in a slide show.

How fortunate I feel to have a new face time friend who is into the same types art I am. We connected immediately upon meeting and are getting together tomorrow just to visit, along with some other friends, too. Social butterflying this weekend, rather than just "arting around". Faye's birthday was today. Wonderful wonderful time, plus Michelle and Chris showed. (Michelle, Tia and I all work with Tony. Tony married Faye last September, a marriage made in Faerieland, believe you me. They are just two lovely and magical people.) While Tia, Joe and Pita are my constant friends and pals, it is nice to have made these other connections as well as strengthen the bonds of Pal-dom I felt with Michelle. Michelle is one of the few folks who knows about my art, and my writing. (She is so smart she really should wear a seat belt around her head so her brain doesn't pop out like an air bag!)

Michelle's baby bump is showing now and she looks fantastic but tires easily. Classes are over for Tia this week before she starts up another session. AND I have started a nice little ATC for Miss Jeanne! VERY London heavy. I will show that off soon enough.

I have been remiss about posting this week. No. 1, work is incredibly b.u.s.y. And secondly, it hs been good to simply read Judy Wise's blog about the fantastic workshop she attended in Carmel. Check out her blog. Nina Bagley should be well on her way to Oz by now. Her blog, Ornamental, posted on the right here as well is worth checking out. She says she will be checking in occasionally. What a wonderful opportunity for us all to see this through the eyes of someone as talented and generous as Nina!
And on that note --
Hasta la Pasta!

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