Apr 22, 2008

Earth Day -- Where The Heart Is

The next few pieces of artwork being shared are from my earlier phases. The "paper chase" phase. I still do love working with paper, either as art or writing. Yes, I do that too.

This piece is called "Where The Heart Is". An Earth motherly type. The green background doesn't really show very well here. And of course, Have. To. Have. A. Cat. Or I did, anyway, in many things I did a few years back, (yes, that says '99) including nice big pieces that sold but I did not get photos of. :( I can't believe it, but it's true.

Looking over some of the shots I took this past Sunday (what WAS in the air that day besides Spring, beautiful Spring!?), T said, "It looks like we live out totally out in the sticks." We do, sort of. Our road says "dead end". How appropriately Southern Gothic!

Earth Day. Mother Earth. Where the heart is. Home. Even more concessions have been made this past year. "Hurt not the Earth..."

A friend once said, "I can't change the world." I agreed, "No. But if you changed yourself, that would be one. And if then, every single person changed, the world would indeed change." She didn't get it. She probably still doesn't. And on that sour note, Dear Readers, hasta la pasta!


Kalar said...
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Candace said...

Again, another virus from a supposedly helpful person. Remember kids, if it says see HERE, don't go there.